Today: 19 May 2019
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White rock beach Alamanos

The first review about this place was the photographer: "The Rock is so bright white light meter that exceeds the limit." Indeed, without sunglasses on a bright day at the beach Alamanos better not to appear. The sun's rays shine in, bouncing off the coral-white rocks and lush emerald sea. But when overcast, the rocks appear dozens of new tones: cream, ivory, white chocolate ...

whiter than white

For white limestone deposits meet emerging to the surface. Sea trying to "otest" the rocks of their territory. Salt water has eroded the base of one of the rocks on three or four meters. Once the white splendor absorb deep.

This is one of the few areas in Cyprus has not yet been "ennobled" civilization. However, and here there are traces of human activity: a couple of houses (one of them is not completed and abandoned) yes fence the danger zone, which spoils the original appearance.

Alamanos beach popular with those wishing to arrange a photo session in an unusual place. There are lots of small caves and grottos. To the white cliffs organize excursions on water scooters and boats. Buses with crowds of tourists almost never happens here.

Maybe look for treasure ?!

According to ancient legend, one of the caves was so long, that connected the Alamanos with the city-state of Amathus, located a few kilometers to the west of it. During the attack on the city of the Saracens took the queen of the underground cave Amathus.

Escaping from invaders, the ruler took with him all his treasures and hid them somewhere in a cave. She was supposed to come back after the city will be relieved to rebuild it from scratch. The Queen did not return to Amathus. Why? This legend is silent.

How to get there?

On the route Limassol - Nicosia before turning Agios Georgios Alamanos, pass the monastery of St. George, then asphalt road will lead us to the sea. Left - the favorite Cypriot tavern serving fish and seafood. Right - dirt road running along the sea and the white rocks.

Google map (Even from the satellite can be seen that at the edge of the sea white cliffs)

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