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Kykkos monastery in Cyprus

In the north-western part of the Troodos Mountains, at an altitude of 1150 meters above sea level is Kykkos Monastery, combining centuries of Greek Cypriots and in the fight against foreign invaders. This magnificent monastery was founded in the year 1100, it is a complete structure, connected by galleries and arches.

Deeply affect the wall paintings and mosaics, which are neatly decorated tower and the mighty walls of the sanctuary. The history of the monastery grounds Kikskoy inextricably linked with the icon of the Mother of God the merciful Eleusa written by the Apostle Luke with an image of the Virgin.

This monastery is also called sacred imperial and stavropegic monasteries Kikskoy Mother of God. Tsarist it is because it was based on the funds allocated by the Byzantine Emperor Komnenos Alksiem (1081-1118 years.) Of personal savings and stauropegic - in honor of the cross placed on the foundation stone to the monastery.

According to legend, in the cave of Mount Kykkos lived a hermit Isai. Byzantine governor of Cyprus Manuel Vutomitis, who spent the summer in the village of Maratas, went hunting, where he got lost, lost his way, and by chance he met the elder Isaiah. The governor turned to Isaiah with a request to show him the way home, to which the hermit did not answer, because he left a vow of silence after retiring from the people. Angered by the vicegerent, the elder struck. Returning to Nicosia, after a time, Manuel Vutomitis fell seriously ill. Painful pains forced the governor to recall the old man whom he struck, and he turned to God with a prayer for recovery, in order to stand up and ask forgiveness from the hermit Isaiah. God, hearing the entreaties of the governor, came to Isaiah and told the elder that all that had happened to the viceroy was part of his divine will, and that Isaiah should forgive the viceroy, but at the same time ask Manuel Vutomitis to deliver to Cyprus the icon of the Holy Virgin Mary that was kept at that moment in Constantinople in the palace of the emperor. Hearing this wish the governor was saddened, because he did not know how to fulfill the elder's request, to which Isaiah invited him to go to Constantinople together.

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For a long time, the governor did not know how to approach the emperor asking for the extradition of an icon written by the apostle Luka himself. But by chance, the emperor's daughter fell ill with the same illness that Manuel had recently suffered. And then the governor, asking the emperor for an audience, told him that his daughter would be healed if he sent the icon of the Mother of God to Cyprus. The emperor did not see any other way out and agreed, and soon his daughter recovered. However, not wishing to part with the icon, the emperor called for the best artists who had to depict her exact copy. But at night the Virgin Mary appeared to him and said that she wanted her icon to go to Cyprus, and the copy would remain in the imperial palace. And the very next day the icon was sent by ship to Cyprus, where she was waiting for Isaiah.

According to legend, during the march from the coast to the Troodos Mountains trees bowed as a sign of respect and reverence of the Holy Icon. To store icons emperor ordered to build the monastery, and this is by far the Kykkos monastery in Cyprus.

During the existence of the monastery had to endure a lot. It burned in the fires, looting, but the miraculous icon at all times remained inviolable. She is now available to many pilgrims. All cases of healing through the miraculous power of the icon written in a thick book, so that future generations have a true testimony of God's Glory.

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