Today: 20 May 2019
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The rights of tourists in hotels of Cyprus

The Cyprus Tourism Organization (SRT) reminded those who are permanently residing in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus of their rights in the hotel sector. This information will help to avoid unpleasant experience and mistakes, I'm sure STO.

  • The hotel does not have the right to request a full prepayment for the entire stay. The administration can demand a prepayment maximum for three days in the high tourist season and for one day - in the low.
  • If the client has changed plans, and he decided to refuse to stay at the hotel, then the return of the prepaid amount is possible only when the client notified the administration about it no later than seven days before the day when he planned to settle into the hotel. If the client has notified the hotel about this in less than seven days, the administration has the right to demand compensation in the amount of payment for accommodation for three days in summer and one day in winter.
  • If the hotel is overcrowded and the client will not be able to settle, although he has booked his stay, the administration should notify the client about it no later than 15 days before the planned check-in date. Otherwise, the administration will have to find an equivalent alternative for the client.
  • If the client is forced to suddenly interrupt his vacation, he will have to compensate the hotel for his loss - half the amount for living for the remaining day. If for this time additional services were ordered-lunch / dinner, SPA visits, etc., but the customer can not use them, because they are forced to leave the hotel immediately, then they do not have to pay for them.
  • The hotel does not have the right to enter at least the time of stay (for example, the settlement is possible if the residence is not less than three days).
  • If the hotel can not provide a room category that was originally booked (for example, the client chose a suite with a view of the sea and he can only be provided with a standard room with a city view), then the client has the right to refuse to stay in the hotel and demand to return the full amount Prepayment.
  • If the client decides to settle for a room in a lower category, then he has the right to demand compensation for the difference in payment. If the hotel has decided to place a client in a room of a higher category than indicated in the reservation, then the cost of raising the category of the hotel must take over.
  • Population is made not earlier than 14: 00, and eviction - no later than 12: 00.
  • The hotel does not have the right to refuse the client with the children in the accommodation. Some hotels declare that they specialize in providing accommodation exclusively for adults. However, this is a violation of both the Cyprus laws and the UN Convention on the Protection of the Rights of the Child. If the hotel refuses to place a family with children, you should call the office of the SRT and file a complaint.
  • The hotel does not have the right to charge an additional fee for the use of sun loungers and umbrellas by the pool or on the beach.
  • When settling in, the client must present an identity card to the staff at the check-in counter. Otherwise, the hotel has the right to refuse to move in.
  • Customers have the right to settle with pets only if the hotel allows it. Some hotels prohibit settling with animals, others allow. This is better to check with the administration in advance (at the time of booking the room).
  • The hotel guest, who arrived on business, has the right to use the common areas for meetings without additional payment. If he wants to use the conference room, he can do it for an additional fee. The hotel may charge a fee for the use of the sauna, jacuzzi and other services.
  • If the hotel has a swimming pool, the administration must hire a lifeguard or a specially trained person who will monitor the safety and order in the pool and the surrounding area.
  • The hotel administration is obliged to place information about the rates (minimum and maximum) per stay in the lobby or in the rooms.
  • In five-star hotels, bed linen and towels must be changed daily, in hotels of category three and four stars - at least once every two days, in hotels of the category one or two stars - every three days.
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