Today: 20 May 2019
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Church of the Holy Kyprianos

If you want not just a vacation, but want to make sightseeing tours, Cyprus in this plan will open up a lot of interesting places. One of these is a visit to the Troodos Mountains. At this point, the most the revered churches and monasteries of Cyprus, and the first of them, where you stop, will the church in the village of St. Kyprianos Menico.

Its construction dates back to the beginning of the XIII century. Here the faithful may venerate the icon of the Holy relics and worship him, asking for the healing of diseases. Turning to the priest, you can also order a prayer for protection from damage, witchcraft and the evil eye. When the church is a holy spring which is open to tourists.

Crossing the valley with its picturesque Soliya villages you can also stop at the Church of Panagia Asinou, built in the XII century part of the Virgin. Like some of the other churches of Cyprus, it has been listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, as its walls are decorated with unique frescoes that beauty really shine throughout Cyprus. Next, you'll head to the church of St. Nicholas tis Stegis located surrounded by unique natural landscapes, and you can see with your own eyes miraculously preserved frescoes XI-XVI centuries.

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Continuation of the tour will be a visit to a small village of Kakopetra, famous for its winding streets, where cozy buildings are located, made in the style of traditional rural architecture. In the final, you will go to the Troodos Plateau and find yourself practically at the foot of Mount Olympus, with an altitude of 1951 meter. Afterwards you will have a small dinner in the restaurant of the village of Platres. Here you will be offered a local specialty - trout. At the end of lunch, there is another small stop in the village of Doros. Its inhabitants prepare very tasty jams from fruits and vegetables, which everyone can try and buy.

Type of stay: Tour
Location: Platres, Troodos

Note that during the trip you will be asked to visit several churches, therefore it is advisable to dress modestly. Typically, lunch is included in the price.
Estimated price for adults - 70 euros for children - 40 euros.

A few tips:

    • Children under 12 years tour seem uninteresting and tedious, so do not recommend taking them with you.
    • In some churches, photos and videos may be disabled, please, be in it.
    • The temperature in the area below the Troodos 6-12 degrees to keep warm, bring a light sweater or extra jacket.
    • Before choosing a restaurant in Platres, carefully read its menu as interior facilities may not always match the quality of the dishes.
    • Since the dishes are prepared in restaurants platres slowly enough better to plan the dinner.
    • During a stop in the village of Doros especially recommend the taste of cactus fruit jam: it's very original, tasty and incredibly useful.
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