Today: 19 May 2019
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February in Cyprus

February Cyprus - transitional month. Like and winter has not yet gone, but felt the approach of spring. Number of rainy days is less - about 6, and the amount of precipitation is small. Afternoon air warms up 16-18 ° C, however, the night will be cold in the winter - until 6-7 ° C heat. In the Troodos Mountains can be the last time to ski and enjoy the snow. Water temperature in February in Cyprus will be about 17 ° C.

At the end of the month begin to blossom of the almond trees, meadows and fields come alive. Island literally wakes up and becoming a truly green. To enjoy the spectacle get dressed warmly and do not forget to bring your umbrella to hide from possible rain.

Holidays in Cyprus in February

Birthplace of Aphrodite, Cyprus Cyprus fevralNa February - this is the beginning of spring. Best place for a celebration of Valentine's Day and is difficult to imagine. The magnificent island of the goddess of love, Aphrodite takes his warm embrace many couples from around the world. The smell of flowers, fine wines, wonderful Cypriot cuisine and romantic atmosphere make the stay memorable. Cypriots know how to love and know that you can do to become even stronger feelings.

In February, Cyprus, arguably the most popular tourist attraction becomes a place where the ancient legends out of the sea goddess of love Aphrodite. Despite the fact that the water temperature in this month all 17 ° C, many couples decide to take a dip to live together for a lifetime.

If lovers impossible to have children, then they go to the mountain monastery Trooditissa. He is believed to help women get rid of infertility. You can treat it differently, but even the skeptics agree that it is better to try than to do nothing. Besides the monastery not only helps infertility, but just a very beautiful, rich history of the place.

Holidays in Cyprus in February is suitable not only love, but also lovers of bright ideas. They can visit Carnival in Limassol and Paphos, which lasts 11 days and ends with a colorful carnival parade.

Want to make a gift to his beloved man on February 23? Take a tour to Cyprus. A few days relaxing holiday, fresh vegetables and fruits, fine dishes and fine wines will raise your spirits and help you wait for the spring house.

Cyprus in February, will not be able to please the possibility of a beach holiday, but to discover the island is a great time. If you love to learn new things and meet with ancient history, the best opportunities and provide hard, especially given the pores start flowering.

Talking about the winter months in Cyprus, we often recommend to visit his fans involved in adventure sports - primarily prefer skiing and biking. Speaking of sporting events, it is necessary to mention passing in February Cyprus Sunshine Cup. This international competitions in cycling, passing in exactly Kalavasos and elsewhere.

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