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July in Cyprus

Hot air, warm sea and the scorching sun. That's how you can describe the weather in Cyprus in July. Average maximum daytime temperature will reach 30-33 ° C, and at night is unlikely to fall below 20 ° C. Even in the Troodos mountains to escape the heat will not work there, it can reach 28 ° C.

Water temperature rises to 26 ° C. Swim in the afternoon can be quite dangerous, because with 12.00 16.00 to the hottest hours. At this time, good soak in the cool air conditioning or just sleep. You will need plenty of sunscreen (preferably with a maximum degree of protection), panama, sunglasses and water.

Holidays in Cyprus in July

Turbulent life in Cyprus in July subsides around the clock. Pools, beaches, restaurants, attractions, diving, disco, shops, a variety of performances - will not be bored for a minute.

In Larnaca, this month held a summer festival - are outdoor concerts and beautiful views.

Especially enjoy the holiday in Cyprus in July shopping lovers. This month pass summer sales. The main shops are in the capital of Cyprus - Nicosia, so go shopping you need it there. Nearby you can also visit the interesting tours and learn about the history of the city.

International music festival held in the amphitheater Kourion, music lovers will surely enjoy. At this cultural life does not end, you can visit the International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama, extending in three ancient amphitheaters - Kourion, Ancient Odeon Amphitheatre and Makarios III. There you can see the setting of the adventures of the great heroes of the famous playwrights.

July Cyprus delight wine lovers. Despite the fact that the main wine festival will end next month, now you can visit the festival dedicated to the legendary dessert wine Kommandariya. Its history goes back more 800 years. In the Middle Ages it was precisely the main export product and supported the country's economy.

In July Summer Dance Festival held in Limassol, its distinguishing feature is that it takes place in public places in order to attract a crowd.

Do not forget to visit the water parks, just remember that it is better to do it in the end of the journey, when the skin is already used to the hot sun. We know that many tourists make the mistake and go for extreme sensations in the early days, and then very sorry for this. Think of a way to spend more time at the beginning of the excursions to limit its exposure to the sun in the early days, but do not waste precious time in gatherings in the hotel.

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