Today: 23 May 2019
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June in Cyprus

June - a full-fledged summer. Daytime temperatures will reach 28-30 ° C, and at night 18-20 ° C. Rains in June in Cyprus is very rare, and the sea temperature rises to 24 ° C.

If you are planning a trip to the mountains, the kind of thing you need. There may still be cool: afternoon - 25 ° C, but at night - 15 ° C.

Sun in June in Cyprus already pretty aggressive, so be sure to use sunscreen and hats.

Holidays in Cyprus in June

Tourism in Cyprus iyuneIyun great time for a beach holiday in Cyprus. Every day, air and water temperature will rise, and the green landscape gradually fade. On the beaches are not so many people, "high season" will begin towards the end of the month, although attentive traveler will notice that the island is gradually turning into a busy anthill.

In late June, Cyprus hot. You can escape from the sun in the cool air-conditioning, but where better to go on a trip to the Troodos Mountains. Stroll through the narrow streets of the mountain villages, visit ancient monasteries and a break from the heat - it's a great opportunity to diversify your vacation.

June will not do without cultural events. Every summer on the island Shakespeare Festival held in Limassol, but rather in ancient amphitheater Kourion. There you can see interesting performances of plays in an unforgettable atmosphere. Fantastic atmosphere, interesting presentation, a lot of positive emotions. Shakespeare fans visiting strictly necessary.

Religious people can celebrate Pentecost. Church is open to everyone and anyone can attend the service.

If you choose to relax in Cyprus in June, then try to visit in Nicosia when it held the Cyprus International Fair. It lasts 10 days and it can be purchased many interesting souvenirs at extremely good prices.

Prices for tours in June, is still quite low, especially in the beginning of the month. You can buy a ticket beneficial to the country with guaranteed good weather and excellent service. Be careful in the sun - you can burn a few hours and then leave half heal sunburn. If we are to be saved could not be in the pharmacies you can buy gorgeous cream with olive oil. With their help, you can quickly return to duty.

Try scuba diving. Despite the fact that the underwater world is not too rich, the coastal areas have interesting places: shipwrecks, underwater caves and canyons. Sometimes there are ancient amphorae, but most of them have long been located in the museums.

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