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Climate Cyprus

Since Cyprus is situated in the eastern part of the Mediterranean climate that can be formally defined as "tropical Mediterranean", but it is only a formality.

The fact that the island has a really unique location, so the weather in Cyprus, the local climate is practically have nothing in common with other countries located in the same climatic zone (primarily talking about Italy, Greece and Montenegro). For this reason, we used the definition of "formal" and prove a point we can with a few facts:

first - When compared with other European countries, Cyprus is located at a sufficient distance from them, so geographically it is closer to Egypt. It would seem that in this case, and climate on the island must be "Egyptian", but it is not so simple. Judge for yourself: the climate of Egypt is determined primarily by deserts, which many in the country, while Cyprus is at a distance from them, so it does not apply and the searing desert wind.

Second - The whole XX century scientists from around the world have paid considerable attention to the study of climate change on the planet, including in the Mediterranean area. On this occasion, created many works, and that almost every one of them there is a mention about the unique climate of Cyprus. Even in the Great Soviet Encyclopedia Cypriot climate does not compare with Malta and Italy, and, oddly enough, with New Zealand!

The third - Precisely because the climate and weather in Cyprus are unique to the island among all Mediterranean regions, numerous endemic species of plants and insects. In particular, only here, on the Akamas Peninsula can see rare turtles, green Mediterranean, and to the island of Cyprus cedar grows.

As you have understood, statements about the uniqueness of the Cypriot climate is not unfounded, but now let's see what's the advantage in terms of tourism development on the island.

Cyprus in the spring and summer

For many, this period is associated with vacations and travel. And if you choose to travel Limassol, the weather in this, as in other cities of Cyprus, will surprise you. Tourist season stretches almost 8 months starting from April and ending November. The hottest period is in July and August, but in May, September and even stay on the island is no less comfortable.

Already at the end of April, Cyprus is set quite a pleasant weather for rest: in Paphos and other resorts, the air temperature can reach + 25 degrees, while the seawater warms up to + 20 degrees. June in Cyprus is even hotter - the air temperature at this time of year reaches + 30 degrees, and the sea can warm up to 23-24 degrees. But the peak of the heat is, as was said above, for July-August, when the air is heated to 30-35 degrees above zero, and the sea warms up to + 28 degrees. And the most pleasant thing is that at this time your vacation is not clouded by the sudden rain or sea storm, it is very unlikely in spring and summer in Cyprus.

Cyprus autumn - in velvet period

Among tourists, Cyprus is most popular in July and August, but the "velvet season" begins here in September and early October. During this period, the summer heat decreases slightly, and the air temperature reaches 25-27 degrees above zero. At the same time, the temperature of the sea, due to the heat accumulated in the summer, keeps firmly at the mark plus 26-27 degrees. It is due to the fact that at this time the weather in Nicosia, Larnaca and other resorts does not spoil tourists with debilitating heat, those who come to rest on the island can comfortably study the local beauties in the daytime and at night, in the intervals between excursions, basking in tender and warm sea waters.

Cyprus winter

The end of October and beginning of November in Cyprus is characterized by a decrease in air temperature to 20-25 degrees above zero, the sea in turn warms up to no more than 19-20 degrees. From this time on, winter begins in Cyprus, which is sometimes accompanied by rain and sea storms. The winter lasts from December to March, often at this time the mountain peaks are covered with snow. The coldest winter months are January and February, when the air warms up to no more than 15 degrees in the daytime and up to 5 degrees at night. In the mountains during this period, the temperature is set at around 0 degrees. Nevertheless, even in winter Cyprus is charming with its barely perforating greenery, the first blossoming mountain flowers and the purest air. The only thing that can slightly overshadow your mood - it rains, spoiling the picture of rest by its inconstant character.

Cyprus - weather and temperature by month:

MONTHS Maks.t day in ° C Maks.t hours at ° C hours of sunshine per day t. Water in ° C Humidity in% rainy days
JANUARY 16 8 5 17 70 9
FEBRUARY 17 8 6 17 69 7
MARCH 18 9 7 18 65 5
APRIL 22 12 9 20 67 3
MAY 26 16 10 21 68 3
JUNE 30 18 12 24 64 1
JULY 32 21 12 26 60 1
AUGUST 33 22 12 27 61 1
SEPTEMBER 31 20 11 26 59 1
OCTOBER 27 16 9 24 64 3
NOVEMBER 22 13 6 21 68 4
DECEMBER 18 9 6 19 70 8
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