Today: 19 May 2019
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About smoking and cigarette prices

Since January 1 2010 year in Cyprus imposed a ban on smoking in public places. The law is one of the toughest in the EU. In the beginning it did not pay attention, so that the authorities had to increase the penalties for violators.

The essence of the law banning smoking in public places is simple - you can smoke only in designated smoking areas. Today, almost all the tavernas, cafes and restaurants in Cyprus have a specially designated area (usually outdoors) for smoking.

In the vast majority of premises can not smoke. The ban does not apply until the beaches - there are smokers can feel relaxed.

Of particular note is another ban - you can not smoke in the car, if it is a child under 14 years.

  • 85 евро - Such a fine should pay for smoking in a public place or premises outside a designated area. The same amount will have to pay for smoking in a car with a child under 14 years.
  • Court - If not a single violation, the penalty determined by the court. This can be a significant financial penalty, deportation, ban on visiting Cyprus.
  • 10 000 euro - Just so much to pay the owners of establishments that do not keep track of your visitors and allow them to smoke outside in designated areas.

Smoking Cyprus expensive. Average price of cigarettes is 4-4,5 euros per pack. A cheaper option - buy tobacco and cigarette paper, and then roll-ups do that will ensure almost 2h multiple savings.

You can buy cigarettes in dyutifri, but remember that you can carry across the border only 10 packs.

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