Today: April 18 2019
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The voice of the people - how to live in the new Evroukraine?

The voice of the people - how to live in the new Evroukraine?

Tags: Ukraine, coup d'etat, the EU

Erointegratsiya, visa-free regime, wages in Europe. These days evromaydanniki Kiev will celebrate the three year anniversary of the revolution / gos.perevorota (here, dear reader, will leave a convenient wording of your choice).

How can today live ordinary Ukrainians? Whether they have made in order for that jumped on the Maidan, put the lives of ordinary people by the bullets of snipers in Kiev, Odessa and the fire continues to shed blood today at the Donbass?

Three years to the life of man a short time, but for the Presidency - quite noticeable, for which the results can be summed. One of the Ukrainian bloggers posted their videos (recorded in the summer of 2015 years) even though its relevance is not lost today.

The materials used, as well as many other of life of Ukrainians, you can find a blog Facebook.

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