Today: April 17 2019
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Cypriots successfully perform at the Commonwealth Games

Cypriots successfully perform at the Commonwealth Games

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On Sunday, 8 April, Cypriot athletes won three medals at the Games СOdruzhestva, passing in the Australian city of Gold Coast. Two of these awards are gold. Medals of the highest standard were given to the gymnast Marios Georgiou and Andri Eleftheriu, who became the best in the shooting practice. Panayota Andreu won bronze in the same discipline. Thus, on the account of the Cypriot national team already four medals (earlier Marios Georgiou was awarded a bronze award).


Commonwealth Games - international sports competitions of the countries of the Commonwealth of Nations, which take place every four years. According to the number of participants, they are inferior only to the Summer Olympics.

Commonwealth of Nations - voluntary association of sovereign states, which includes the UK and almost all of its former dominions, colonies and protectorates.

Commonwealth Games-2018 pass from 4 on 15 April. 71 takes part in them in the world. In the team standings Australia leads, it has 84 medals (31, 25, 28). Cyprus is in the ninth place.

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