Today: 20 May 2019
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Competition for Space Innovation in Cyprus

Competition for Space Innovation in Cyprus

Tags: Cyprus, Space, Competition, Society, Science

In Cyprus, the first competition for space innovation Act in Space. The event will be held under the aegis of the European Space Agency (ESA) 26 and 27 May. The organizer of the innovative competition is the Cyprus Organization for the Exploration of the Cosmos (CSEO).

CSEO President Yorgos Danos told the Cyprus news agency that the competition will draw attention to the introduction of technological innovations in Cyprus and will put the island on the list of countries of interest to startups in the high-tech space sector. In addition to Cyprus, the review of projects will take place in 20 countries of the world, in which space technology is a development priority. Act In Space is an excellent opportunity for participants to enter the international space industry.

The winners of the Cyprus stage of the competition will have the opportunity to attend the international final in Toulouse.

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