Today: April 17 2019
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McDonald: Session of the UN General Assembly marked the inglorious

McDonald: Session of the UN General Assembly marked the inglorious "end" of Ukraine

Tags: Ukraine, the United Nations, opinions, USA, International Relations, Politics

Western policy in Syria and Ukraine failed, writes Brian McDonald, in his article in the RT.

According to him, the opening of 70-th session of the UN General Assembly marked a change of priorities in international politics. In place of the old can come to a new, more stable international order.

"You almost felt sorry for Peter Poroshenko. End of Ukraine as a major international high-profile case was like infamous and fast. In the same miserable, like brutality on the streets of Kiev, when euromaidan began to tear apart the Ukraine", - the journalist writes.

First, the Ukrainian delegation left the hall of the UN General Assembly before the performance of the Russian president Vladimir Putin. Then, on the balcony of the General Assembly has been deployed Ukrainian flag.

"It seemed as if no one paid them any attention. <...> No matter how Kiev is trying to present what happened, it was a humiliation. It is a pity to the extreme," - says McDonald.

According to him, US President Barack Obama tried before gently draw a line under Ukrainian theme. A stooped gait Poroshenko betrayed the fact that Ukrainian President knew about it.

MacDonald also said that US policy in the Ukraine has failed, and attempts to promote NATO vulnerable places in Russia failed.

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