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Prayer is the cause of the salvation and immortality of the soul (36, 843).

Prayer is the killing of the thought of the lusts of the carnal life. Diligently praying is equal to the one who kills for the world. For to renounce oneself means to be patiently in prayer. From this it follows that the love of God is found in renunciation of one's soul. Reverend Isaac the Syrian (82, 279).

The consequence of prayer is that we are with God. And whoever is with God is far from His enemy. Saint Gregory of Nyssa (17, 384).

Think and always keep in mind that God is your God, the Creator, the Lord, the King and the Provost; although he is God and all the same commands to evade evil and do good, but accept this command, as if touching you alone. Then with His help there will be a new movement and a new spirit in you; and the more often you learn in this reflection and instruction, the day after day you will feel more zeal inside of you towards god-worship and godliness. But everywhere you need prayer: we can not think about God properly without God. Prelate Tikhon Zadonsky (82, 363).

Under the reign of the Old Testament, a person turned to God, whom he did not yet know definitely. In the coming of the reign of another in the New Testament, a man, in a superabundant addition to the former conversion, is given access to the God-man as the Mediator between God and people ... in whom the Divine is connected with humanity (111, 30-31).

God does not need our prayers! He knows before our petition, what we need ... prayer is necessary for us: it assimilates a man to God (108, 141).

Before beginning any business, offering a prayer to God, draw her the blessing of God into your deeds and judge her works with her: thoughts of prayer are stopped from deeds, contrary to the commandments of God. Bishop Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) (108, 150).

The Power of Prayer

"Prayer conquers nature by its power," says St. John Chrysostom. Prayer without weapons conquers enemies visible and invisible. Prayer holds the hand of even the Most Powerful, who brings it to the vengeance of sinners.

Prayer removed the iron bonds from the feet and hands of the holy Apostle Peter, opened the dungeon gate and safely led him through all the guards of the soldiers, as St. Luke tells about this. According to the prayer of St. Paul, the pads on his feet weakened and the inner dungeon opened: "At about midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises to God ... Suddenly a great earthquake occurred, so that the base of the dungeon was shaken; immediately all the doors were opened, and all the bonds weakened "(Acts 16, 25, 26). Prayer Joshua held the sun in his movement until the people of Israel defeated their enemies with the help of God, who heard the voice of a man. Praying Hezekiah, king of Israel, turned the sun back ten steps. Elijah concluded the prayer with a prayer and opened it when he wanted; He also brought down fire from heaven on the sacrifice with prayer. Prayer three young men in the midst of the fire remained uninhabited. And how did the Israelites defeat their many and powerful enemies: Canaanites, Hittites, Jebusites, Amorites, Gergeses, Midianites, Assyrians? It's not so much a weapon that they did not even have when they left Egypt, but with prayer: "And when Moses lifted up his hands, Israel prevailed" (Ex. 17, 11). What did David defeat the proud and strong Goliath and other enemies? "Prayer, and not by any other weapon," says Saint Chrysostom. What destroyed the walls of Jericho during Joshua? Prayer, for the Divine Scripture says: "And they sounded the trumpets. When the people heard the voice of the trumpet, the people exclaimed with a loud and strong voice, and the wall [of the city] collapsed before its foundation, and the whole people went into the city, each on its own, and took the city "(6, 19).

Prayer is a shield and a weapon in the battle against the enemies. She not only equips the weak husbands with strong but also weak vessels, who are fighting against the bravest men, which God showed particularly clearly on Judith, who entered the Assyrian regiments without arms, and three days later, having strengthened herself with prayer, cut off Holofern's head with his own sword. Deborah defeated the Canaanites. Jael killed the leader Sisera (Judgment 4, 6-22). And who will enumerate the power and action of holy prayer, revealed and revealed to visible enemies? For one this is not enough for a whole day. The invisible enemies attacking our soul are much stronger, but they are also overcome by prayer. This was witnessed by our Savior Himself, when He said: "This kind is cast out only by prayer and fasting" (Matthew 17, 21). By this He seemed to say: this kind of any other weapon can not be defeated, except the weapons of the holy fast and prayer.

To show the power of prayer, I will say the following. Prayer not only defeats the laws of nature, it is not only an invincible shield against visible and invisible enemies, but it holds even the hand of the Most-Powerful God raised to defeat sinners. It's hard to believe these words, but truly they are in the history of the Divine Scripture.

When the people of Israel abandoned their Lord, made themselves a calf and worshiped him, the Lord became angry with them with great fury and wanted to destroy them. Then Moses fell at the feet of the Lord and began to pray to God for the people. And what happened? Praying Moses held the strongest hand of the Lord, who had already raised the sword and prepared arrows and thunders to beat the apostates. God wanted to hit - and could not. Therefore the Lord also asked Moses to stop praying, saying: "Leave Me (that is, let go, do not hold Me), so that My wrath will be kindled against them, and I will destroy them" (Ex. 32, 10). You see: the prayer is so strong that it binds and tames even the wrath of the Almighty, keeps the hands raised for revenge, and shields them from the wrath of God as a shield.Sainted Dimitry of Rostov (103, 359-361).

A young man from the island of Cyprus, with several of his countrymen, was captured by the Persians and imprisoned. Some of his relatives fled from captivity and arrived in Cyprus. The young man's parents began to ask them about their son, and those who returned from captivity said that their son had died and that they had buried his body. But those who returned from the captivity were mistaken: they really buried a young man in a foreign land, but another. And the parents began to pray for the son as the deceased. Especially assiduously they prayed for him three times a year: at Easter, Pentecost and Christmas. But four years later his son returned home. The happy parents said: "But we considered you dead and three times a year we prayed especially hard about you." "On what days did you pray so?" He asked. "For Easter, Pentecost and Christmas," the parents replied. "Know, then," said the son, "that it was on these three days of the year that someone came to me in white robes that shone like the sun, took off my bonds, led me out of prison, and I was free all day, unvisible. In the morning the next day I again found myself in prison and in prison " (81, 159-160).

In the life of Christ for the holy foolish Blessed Procopius, the Ustyug miracle-worker, this incident is described. 'Once God wanted to exterminate the city of Ustyug for the sins of hail and lightning. A procopy about this was discovered, and when he came to church, he told the clergy and the people about it and called: "Repent, brethren, or perish from fire and hail". People did not believe him. Prokopy went to his usual place - the porch of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary - and began with many tears to implore God for the city and people. A week after that, at noon, suddenly an unusual cloud was found on the city and it became dark as night. On four sides the city was clothed with clouds, ceaselessly thundered the sky, there were such terrible thunderings that even the earth hesitated, the air became suffocating. Here only the people remembered the words of Procopius, and all rushed to the cathedral church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and began to plead with the tears of God for pardon. Together with the people, the blessed one came and, falling in front of the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, prayed with tears. The prayer for pardon was heard: from the icon of the Lady the miracle expired, the air immediately changed, the clouds retreated to uninhabited places, and out of them an unusual hail-like stone struck the woods, it even crushed trees, and lightning hit them. Of the people, no one was hurt. Prologue in the teachings (81, 811-812).

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