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The Prayer Rule

The Prayer Rule

Tags: Religion, Christianity

Do not leave a prayer rule, so as not to fall into the hands of your enemies (82, 186). Carefully follow your prayer rule. Beware! do not allow yourself to neglect it. From the careful execution of the rule, the soul is enlightened and strengthened. Rev. Abba Isaiah (82, 204).

Better rule is easy, but constantly committed, than a rule difficult at first, but soon left. Avva Matoy (82, 313).

Observe the established hours for prayer and do not miss any of them, so as not to be sued for it. The Monk Anthony the Great (82, 22).

Before you go to bed, spend two hours in prayer and psalmody, then fall asleep. When the Lord provokes you, rise and fulfill your prayer rule with care. If you feel a laziness in the body, tell him: "Do you want to rest during this brief life and then forever be cast into the darkness of the inferior?", Force yourself a little and soon both cheerfulness and strength will come.Rev. Abba Isaiah (82, 168).

Do not consider idleness the multiplication of the practice of prayer with an impure (alien entertainment), focused (attentive) and prolonged for the reason that while reducing your psalmody. Love more obeisances in prayer than psalmody. If prayer comes to life in you, then it replaces the rule consisting of prayers. If at the time of your prayer rule you are given the gift of tears, then do not admit their enjoyment of idleness in relation to your rule, for the grace of tears is a consequence of the fullness of the prayer.Reverend Isaac the Syrian (82, 275).

Do not be bold to bring to God verbose and eloquent prayers, by you composed ... they are a work of the fallen mind and ... can not be received on the spiritual altar of God (109, 171).

The prayer rule guides rightly and sacredly the soul, teaches her to worship God with spirit and truth, while the soul, being left to herself, could not go right by prayer (109, 172).

Prayer rules keep the person praying in the saving position of humility and repentance, teaching him his unceasing self-condemnation, nourishing him with tenderness, strengthening his hope for the All-Merciful and All-Merciful God (109, 172).

The duration of prayer is determined for each way of life by it and by the measure of strength - mental and physical (108, 145).

A strong body requires labor in prayer, without it the heart will not be broken, prayer will be powerless and not true (109, 162).

The duration of the prayers of the saints of God is not from many-mindedness, but from profuse spiritual sensations (108, 152).

It is necessary to learn the right prayer in order to succeed in it and through it to work out our salvation (112, 94).

Prayer requires coercion throughout life. Bishop Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) (112, 99).

Every prayer you offer at night, in your eyes, be more important than all daytime deeds. Do not burden your belly, so that your thought will not be embarrassed, that when you get up at night to pray, you should not be indignant with the steamy (entertainment of thoughts) and not be filled with effeminate relaxation. Not only does this happen (after the burden of the belly is full of food), but your soul becomes darkened, your thoughts are indignant, and you can not, by reason of obscuration, concentrate them in your psalmody. You lose taste for everything and do not feel pleasure from the verses of psalmody, whereas usually the mind at ease and lightness of thoughts, with a sweet taste of the variety of psalmody. When the deanery of the night is outraged, then the mind is embarrassed also in day-to-day affairs, remains in obscurity and reading, according to custom, is not delighted, because it is as if the thought is attacked by a storm (and does not cease to disturb them), even if the mind resorted to prayer , and to the teaching. The sweetness given to the ascetics during the day is exuded to the pure mind from the light of night work. Everyone who has not been taught by the experiences of long-term silence does not hope to comprehend from himself (from one's understanding) something special about the benefits of asceticism, even if he was a great and wise man, and a teacher, and having many (other) virtues. Rev. Isaac the Syrian (82, 275-276).

Bend your knees, breathe, pray to your Lord to be merciful to you. He especially admires at the mercy of night prayers, when you make the time of rest a time of mourning (43, 248).

We learn to persevere and constantly lie down to prayer - day and night; especially at night, when no one is embarrassed, when the mind is calm, when there is great silence, and there is no disturbance in the house, no one prevents us from engaging in prayer and distracting from it; when the awakened soul can spontaneously express all the Souls' Physician (38, 322).

It's a great thing to be in the middle of the night, when all the people, beasts and cattle are asleep, when the deepest silence reigns, you are the one to stay awake and boldly talk with Vladyka (36, 758).

Plants restore strength at night; Then, especially, the soul takes upon itself the dew, for that in the daytime it gets caught by the sun, it refreshes itself at night. Night tears descend better than any dew and on wishes, and on any fiery burning and do not allow to suffer anything harmful. If the soul does not eat this dew, it will be burned during the day (43, 250).

The Lord does not only teach disciples to prayer, but He himself often makes prayers and prays in the desert for whole nights. St. John Chrysostom (35, 588).

"And he stayed all night in prayer to God" (Luke 6, 12). Here the basis and the beginning of the Christian all-night vigils. The heat of the prayer drives the dream, and the admiration of the spirit does not allow to notice the passage of time. True prayer books do not notice it; they feel as if they have just risen to prayer, and meanwhile the day has also appeared. But while anyone reaches such perfection, one must raise the vigil's work. Carry it and carry secluded; they carried it and carried it to them; carried it and bear reverential and God-fearing laity. But though with difficulty passes the vigil, the fruit remains in the soul of the straight, the eternal - pacification of the soul and tenderness in the relaxation and exhaustion of the body. The state is very valuable in those who are jealous about prosperity in the spirit! Therefore, where vigils are kept (on Mount Athos), they do not want to lag behind. Everyone realizes how difficult this is, but there is no desire to cancel this rank for the sake of the benefit that the soul takes from vigils. Sleep most of all rest and feed the flesh; Vigilance most of all humbles her. He who sleeps heavily can be spiritual and cold to them; wandering - fast moving, like a chamois, and burning in spirit. If one should teach the flesh kindness as a slave, then one can not do this in such a way as with a frequent vigil. Here she feels quite the power of the spirit over herself and is accustomed to humble him, and the spirit acquires the skill to rule over her. Bishop Theophan the Recluse (107, 322-323).

"And in the morning, getting up very early, went out and retired to a deserted place, and there he prayed" (Mark 1, 35). Here is a lesson to get up early and to devote the first hours of the day to prayer in solitude. The soul, renewed by a dream, is fresh, light and capable of penetration, like fresh morning air; because it asks for itself, that they let it go where all its joy is, in the face of the Heavenly Father, into the community of angels and saints. At this time it is more convenient for her to do this, rather than after, when they will pile on her the worries of the day. All the Lord suits; It is necessary to receive from Him a blessing for deeds, the necessary admonition and the necessary reinforcement. And hurry up early, while there is nothing to stop, alone, to ascend to the Lord with the mind and heart, and confess to Him your need, your intentions and ask for His help. Having been set up with prayer and contemplation from the first minute of the day, you will spend the whole day in reverence and fear of God, with collected thoughts. Hence - cautiousness, stiffness and harmony in business and mutual relations. It is a reward for work, which you will compel yourself in the morning solitude. This is for everyday people, therefore, a measure of prudence, and not something alien to their goals. Bishop Theophan the Recluse (107, 254-256).

Having woken up ... direct thoughts to God, sacrifice to God the beginnings of the thoughts of the mind that has not yet taken upon itself any vain impressions. Bishop Ignatius (Bryanchaniyov) (108, 298).

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