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We can not stand happiness

We do not endure happiness. About our sick souls

Tags: Religion, Christianity

Ending. Beginning see: "Thank you!»

Someone says:

- I, Father, divorced (I quarreled with my husband, my wife pushes me, we are going to divorce). How can we be satisfied?

But in this case too, if you put your problems into God's mind and pray to God, that He reveals His thought to you, He will make you understand that for all this you have to say: thank you!

I assure you. You probably will not be able to say this today, because you simply can not. After all, when the wound is still fresh and the parting has happened quite recently, it is higher than your strength to understand that even this was for your benefit, ie. what happened to you. I assure you, I tell you the truth. This is a blessing. "We thank you for all the blessings visible and invisible."

Everything in life is a gift from God

Everything in life is a gift from God. Only you did not look at things from the right side. You did not see them.

"My husband is not home for half a year, he is on a long voyage. And what was I guilty of, to lose him, to be alone, to yearn for? Said one woman.

Then the elder Paissy talked to this woman and chided her for ingratitude, because she forgot something:

"Well, why are you like this?" Do you remember when I was young, as you said: "My God! I want to become a nun. Why do not I become a nun and do not commit myself to You? "Did not you say that?

"I said, but then another thing won:" I'm going to marry, because I can not do this anymore! "

- Good. God heard your prayer when you said that you want both, and you do not know what to choose. And now you are unhappy.

- And how can I be pleased if my husband does not exist for six months?

"But did not you pray that you wanted to become a nun, and then began to hesitate:" To marry or become a nun? "This is the answer from God.

And the woman was shocked and remembered that when she was young she really prayed to God that He sent her one of two, but did not know what to decide, and God made her a nun for six months. Because when the husband was on the ship, she was alone with the children, as she dedicated herself to God, serving his neighbor and self-sacrifice, and the other half of the year she lived as a spouse with her husband and children, led a normal family life, since her husband was with her.

And she said:

- Oh, you're right!

"Instead of indignation," the old man said to her, "think!"

Some people do not bear joy. Just can not stand it

If you think it right, if your mind is enlightened, dazed by sorrow, depression, anxiety, fatigue, this murmur and haste peculiar to you ... Because some people, out of habit, constantly think about unpleasant things: they are so used to it and so learned. Some people do not bear joy. Just can not stand it. You give them joy, and they can not understand that God gives them joy, they do not assimilate it and deeply do not want it. I am not lying. You say:

- But can it be that someone does not want joy? Are you serious? We are all fighting for this - to rejoice!

Yes, but when joy comes and starts looking for you, some suddenly begin to feel more secure when they have problems, to deal with them, because the problems fill their life ("So that we had something to do!"). They can arrange a quarrel simply because there is nothing to do to make the day go by. People can not get used to peace and tranquility, with the disappearance of the problem, and every now and then you see how someone solves the problem, and he immediately begins to look for a new one and creates it himself. Not by its activity or creativity, but simply from the discontent that has settled in it, which again looks for food. A person wants to be given food for discontent, he seeks it.

I was impressed with how one person wanted to get married and was all indignant:

- God does not help me, He does not send it to me, what will happen?

I told him:

"Come on, my child, do not do this." God has His own reason, and all this will come to good!

And then time passed, he was still indignant - and suddenly found a girl, about which God pointed out that everything would turn out well. He could create a successful alliance, but instead began to resent him again:

- I can not believe it! It's impossible! Can it be that everything is so good? Something tells me that this union will lead to nothing good!

"Well, I'm sorry," I told him. "You prayed so much for this to happen!" And now everything can turn out, God sends you a solution to the problem, and you stand on your own. You are again dissatisfied, youep, you repel your happiness, coming to you in hands, ie. you seek misery, isolation and longing. You just look for them.

Something happened to our soul. I do not know - we do not want happiness, do not we like it? We do not endure happiness, one spiritual confessor once told his spiritual children, because - take a piece of paper. Take also a piece of paper, and this is not some recipe for happiness, but just write down those blessings that, if you think about it, you will see that they are the great gifts of God in your life. Write them down to see how many of them you will have. And if you summarize them, then you will understand that all this should give you great joy.

We do not endure happiness. About our sick souls

I ask you, look me in the eye: why do not you radiate joy? Why are you not joyful? After all, look, you write down here - and you do well that you write: "I thank God that I have this my health, I have a family, children, a good spouse, money, house, car, warmth, work, dacha, relatives, people who love us, help, good friends, relatives and neighbors ", etc. And one child thanked for his dog, yes, thank God and for that! "I have a dog, a kitten." What now to say: if it's a dog, then it must be deleted from the list? You do love her, do not you?

And now you thank God for so many things, that is, you have so many reasons for experiencing joy, consolation and happiness. Are you happy?

This confessor told them to make a list and write down God's gifts in their lives, then to re-read them:

- When you find this discontent and burden on you, read this list and say: "How dare you be displeased?"

One of these children was more spiritual and wrote: "I thank God that I have the opportunity to pray!" Another thanked him for being able to take communion. He thought and said: "How dare you be displeased, if you take communion? After you confess, are you still complaining? You can read the Gospel, you see that Christ speaks of love, of humility and becomes your friend, and you again have complaints? Well, what is this? "

"And when these difficult minutes rolled over me," he says, "I always took this sheet, read it and said to myself:" Go down to earth! It's a shame to cry and be ungrateful. It's a huge sin. "

The soul, not grateful to God, is sick

The soul, not grateful to God, is sick. God does not punish you and does not take revenge for it, but I'm afraid that, as St. John Chrysostom says, if you want to receive some other gifts from God, you must first thank for those that you have, so that God will see that you they appreciated them. And when He sees such joyful souls trembling with joy, happiness and gratitude, then he gives other gifts: "Take, children, take!" When He sees that your eyes shine with His gifts, then he gives others, because says: "Why not give it to him?" This child takes gifts, rejoices them, thanks me, glorifies and does not happen ungrateful! "

I come into perplexity when I see couples, for example, spouses who enjoy the joy of love and do not thank God for that, do not feel happy. What are you saying? God gave you a little wife, children, health, you have love, joy - is not that enough to thank God? For the fact that you live in this conjugal union, when your friends can not create a family. They have already missed the time, they started having problems, difficulties, and you are enjoying such gifts - and you are not happy, and you will not say to God: "I thank you!" - but you are constantly indignant.

If God sees, says Saint John Chrysostom, that you do not appreciate gifts, then He can not give you others. Not because He did not have them, just - what will you do with them? It's like a mother who cooks tasty food, but sees that her children do not eat. Push away from yourself. And she wanted to cook something else in the evening: a pie, pizza, cakes, pastes, and says to herself: "What should I do? I want to cook it, but they do not understand, they do not say thank you, they do not rejoice, they do not eat it at all, they do not like it. "

You do not have something because you can not hold what you have

That's the reason why you do not have something. You do not have something because you can not keep what you have. It's true. I upset you, even offended you, but it's true. You should never be indignant.

Do you know why I'm telling you all this? That you have eyes opened. For what happened, what the elder Paissy says is wonderful, is a spiritual awakening. For you to wake up, as if on the alarm, and said: "Where do I live, my child, where do I live?" I'm sinking in my blindness, I do not see God's gifts, I'm an ungrateful man! "

And so that you go to some cemetery, walk on it, light a lamp on an unfamiliar grave or a candle and finally say: "I'm alive! I walk, I have the opportunity to choose, repent. I can live, do so many things, make attempts, be active, correct myself. "

One man left the house and looked at the pine in his yard. A kitten came to him from her. And this man began to look at people as they go about their business, and then he told me:

- I suddenly felt like the happiest person in the world!

He was asked:

- What happened to you?

- I saw a pine tree, saw the sun giving light to a new day, and was touched.

We do not endure happiness. About our sick souls

And you never feel touched. Therefore, you do not rejoice that you have not learned to be surprised.

Everything can become a source of surprise, joy, without the slightest routine. From the one that I see you and hear and that I now come into contact and communicate with you through this program, waves of gratitude and joy come from me, because I communicate with people. Is it not enough to see God's creation, the creation of His love, people, creature, everything?

We need to look at some things differently, thank God for what we have, foretell the future, ask Him and say: "Lord, I heard somewhere - to say to Him in my prayer - I heard somewhere , that there are certain secrets that, if I learn them, will teach me to thank and for the troubles you have given me and which, if I understand them, I will understand that they are not at all unpleasant. "

But only you must first thank for the gifts that God gives you, and then your soul will become soft, the heart - more receptive, you will embrace everything and understand that everything can be explained and turned into a source of joy and happiness.

And I will tell you: you deserve to be joyful! It is a pity that the years of life passed in your melancholy, crying, despondency, routine. Life is beautiful, only it needs a spiritual awakening, any kind of thought, a loving effort, humility and enlightenment from God - and God grant that we understand something from all this!

Archimandrite Andrew (Conanos)
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