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The week of organ music starts in Cyprus

The week of organ music starts in Cyprus

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The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra together with the organ music festival Terra Sancta will hold three concerts in the framework of the Biennale of Organ Music in Cyprus.

The festival will begin today in Larnaka with a solo organ concert accompanied by a chorus of progressive movement.

The festival will feature the following composition: Organ concert №1 in G major, 18 Sonata Haydn (adaptation Remo Giazotto) Adazhio Tommaso Albinoni (adaptation Remo Giazotto) Organ concert №1 Johann Vanhalya and Symphony № 30 G major 'Jai "By Joseph Haydn

Organ concerts in conjunction with the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra will be held:

Wednesday 18 April - Nicosia

Location: Catholic Church of the Holy Cross

Thursday 18 of April - Limassol

Location: St. Catherine's Catholic Church

Friday 20 April - Larnaca

Place: Catholic Church of St. Mary of Gracia

The beginning of all the concerts in 20: 30

Price: € 5 / 7 / 12

Contact phone: 99583060

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