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On the beach in Limassol, the dogs fought and their owners suffered

On the beach in Limassol, the dogs fought and their owners suffered

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During the dog fight in Limassol, a woman was injured.

According to the source, 35-year-old woman with her husband went for a walk along the beach with their dogs. A man with a Rottweiler walked towards them. As the dogs came to a close, the Rottweiler snarled and began to rush at the dogs. He managed to pull the leash out of the hands of his master and grab a strong grip on one of the dogs walking couple. The woman, in the hope of protecting her pet, began to repel the Rottweiler and fell to the ground, as a result of which she was bitten.

The man managed to separate the dogs, after which the couple went to the central hospital in Limassol, where the woman was provided with medical assistance.

As reported in the press, the Rottweiler owner was also in the hospital with a right hand injury, but the injured woman wrote in her facebook that the man had disappeared and she was looking for him for covering his medical expenses.

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