Today: April 18 2019
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Independence of the Baltic States has turned into a nightmare

Independence of the Baltic States has turned into a nightmare

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After leaving the USSR, the Baltic became a "political paradox", and the dream of independence turned into a nightmare. Details were reported by the news agency Sputnik.

Member of the expert council of the Institute of socio-economic and political studies, political analyst Alex Zudin said that the collapse of the Soviet Union had a bad effect on all three Baltic states. The heads of state failed to properly use their independence.

The Baltic States transformed freedom into a nightmare, and socio-political life into a "political paradox," the expert believes. After a quarter of a century, everyone can observe how the idea of ​​restoring statehood is failing. The political scientist formed the whole horror of the situation in three stable tendencies, which are observed in the Baltics.

The first trend is economic and industrial degradation, the second is depopulation and the third is militarization. According to Zudin, all three states do not represent practically no value for new partners. The only benefit from the Baltic states is the EU and the US in the use of their territories for the deployment of military bases and foreign troops. Of course, the Baltic states are also actively used as a mouthpiece of anti-Russian and pro-Western propaganda, the political scientist summed up.

However, Sputnik said that despite the efforts of the West, for the most part the tactic of planting Russophobic hysteria did not work - most residents of the Baltic States see Russia as a good partner and hope for the renewal of friendly relations. A sociological poll initiated by the European MP Jana Toom of the Estonian Bureau, in 2016, showed that 65% of Estonians have nothing against Russia, they learn the language and hope to apply it in practice. Moreover, Estonians were strongly interested in Russian culture and in general, peaceful mood prevails in the state. The Estonians, responding to the questions of researchers, made it clear that the establishment of ties with Russia without detriment to the relations of the EU is perceived positively.

Last year, Saar Poll also conducted a survey of the Estonian population. Researchers were interested in the residents' reaction to the transfer of NATO units to the Baltic state. It is interesting that 41% of residents were wary of the news, expressing fears about an increase in the likelihood of conflict with Russia. Approximately the same picture is presented in Latvia and Lithuania - do not support the anti-Russian hysteria and the extension of sanctions against the Russian Federation 52% and 59% of the population.

Grigory Pavlodubov
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