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Consistency in prayer. Fruits of Prayer

Consistency in prayer. Fruits of Prayer

Tags: Religion, Christianity

Consistency in Prayer

The Lord thirsts for Him to thirst, and makes them drink; accepts as a blessing if they ask for His good deeds, He is available and generously gives great gifts, gives more joyfully than others accept themselves. Only we will not find in ourselves a low soul, asking that which is unimportant and unworthy of the Giver. St. Gregory the Theologian (13, 300).

My brethren, without laziness and neglect, he begs everyone for bounties. Let only knock on the door of the Lord - the Lord will answer him with sincere love. Rev. Ephraim the Syrian (28, 152).

Could not God grant us our requests before? But He is waiting to receive from us the occasion to righteously honor us with His care (46, 485).

Let us not grumble at the slowdown in the granting of the petition, and that is why we will show great firmness and patience (46, 484).

Whether we receive the requested, we will not receive, we will be persevering in our petition and we will thank not only in case of success, but also in case of failure. St. John Chrysostom (46, 485).

Without hesitation, disbelief must be persevered in prayer and do not doubt that we will receive everything we ask of God with constancy. For the Lord, wishing to deliver us eternal and heavenly blessings, exhorts us to persist in some way compelling him. And He not only does not despise or reject us annoying us, but he also encourages us, praises and graciously promises to deliver to us everything that we will persistently expect. Rev. John Cassian Roman (Abba Isaac 53, 345).

The sinner should not leave his prayers because of his sins, because if you think that now you are not worthy to approach God with prayer, when will you be worthy? When will this dignity be? When you sanctify yourself, you justify it and what? Where does holiness and truth come from? Christ will justify. Who is righteous before God? "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Rom., 3, 23). Who was Manasseh? Great sinner. Is it that the worshiper is rejected? No, he prayed with humility and received mercy. Who is the wife that wept at the feet of Christ? The whore, the sinner. Is it rejected by Christ? No. Heard a sweet voice: "Many are forgiven of her sins ... your faith has saved you, go in peace" (Luke 7, 47, 50). Your unworthiness can not harm you. The one is required to leave you your whims and resorted with repentance to the Heavenly Father. "When sin abounded, grace abounded much more" (Rom., 5, 20). As the slightest drop of water against the ocean, so your sins are compared to the incomprehensible grace of Christ. Prelate Tikhon Zadonsky (104, 1133-1134).

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye ask the Father in my name, he will give you" (John 16, 23), said the Lord, and with confirmation: "Verily, verily, I say unto you." What a shame For us, that we do not know how to use such a simple promise! And it would be good if we were ashamed of that, otherwise a shadow is placed on the very promise, as if it is too large and unrealizable. No, the fault is in us, and mainly because we do not realize ourselves to be faithful servants of Christ, and conscience does not allow us to expect any kind of mercy from the Lord. In addition, it sometimes happens that if someone sometimes asks for something about God, then with a split soul, he mentions about it once and twice in his prayer - and throws, and then he says: "God does not hear." No, asking for something especially, one must keep perseverance and tirelessness in prayer, like a widow, who, with her hard-hearted judge, forced her to satisfy her petition. Real prayer books, asking for anything in prayer, combine fasting, vigils, deprivations of every kind and every kind of blessing with prayer, and at the same time they ask not for a day, not two, but months and years, and therefore they receive it. Imitate and imitate them, if you want to succeed in prayer (107, 152-153).

In order to capture the truth that "one must always pray and not lose heart" (Luke 18, 1), do not be discouraged if prayer is not soon heard, but everyone continues to pray, - the Lord said parable as a judge. A God who is not afraid or ashamed of people, finally satisfied the petition of the widow not because God was afraid and people were ashamed, but by the one that that widow had not given him rest. So, if such a hard-hearted person could not resist the persistence of petition. Is it God, man-loving and many-merciful, who does not fulfill the petition, persistently with tears and contrition for Him? And here is the answer to why our prayers are often not heard. Because we send our petitions to God with an air of indifference, as if passing, and in such a way that by praying one day now, tomorrow we are waiting for the fulfillment of our prayer, not thinking of sweating and working hard in prayer. So our prayer is not heard, nor is our prayer fulfilled, because we ourselves do not fulfill the law of hope and assiduous perseverance that is properly laid down for prayer. Bishop Theophan the Recluse (107, 25-26).

Fruits of Prayer

The mother of all virtues is prayer: she can not only cleanse and nourish, but she can also enlighten and be able to make sincere worshipers like the sun. Reverend Neil of Sinai (49, 256).

Let your conviction persist that one craving of the mind for God and one humble kneeling for the glory and honor of God is incomparably more valuable than all the treasures of the world.The Monk Nicodemus of the Holy Cross (64, 78).

Whoever can pray earnestly is the richest of all, though he was the poorest of all. On the contrary, he who does not resort to prayer, even if he was sitting on the royal throne, is weaker than all (35, 569).

Prayer done with zeal is light for the mind and soul, the light is unquenchable (37, 369).

Prayer and service to God is a sign of all righteousness, it is a kind of divine and spiritual garment, sheds great beauty in our thoughts, controls the life of everyone, does not allow anything bad and inappropriate to dominate the mind, convinces to honor God and respect the honor that is bestowed on Him us, teaches us to remove from ourselves every trick of the crafty one, casts out shameful and indecent reflections, brings the soul of everyone into a state of contempt for pleasures (36, 833).

When I see that someone does not like prayer and does not have a passionate zeal for her, it is already clear to me that he does not possess in his soul anything noble (36, 833).

Prayer is the foundation of all good and contributes to the attainment of salvation and Eternal Life (36, 837).

A great blessing is prayer. If anyone, when talking with a virtuous person, gets a lot from this, then what benefits he does not get to talk with God! (38, 321).

Those who are always ready for prayer will never fall into intemperance and drunkenness, never experience the effects of admission; but, restraining his thoughts by waiting for prayer, as if by a bridle, will appropriately eat all that is offered for food, and so will deliver to the soul and body a great blessing (38, 798).

If constantly conversing with sages soon become similar to them in prudence, then what can we say about those who talk with God and pray to Him? (36, 837).

In the soul, not familiar with prayer and petition, nothing can enter that promotes piety (36, 838).

The devil knows well what a great blessing is a prayer, and therefore strenuously attacks a praying (45, 440).

Prayer is a holy messenger; it rejoices the heart, soothes the soul, arouses the fear of punishment and the desire of the Kingdom of Heaven; teaches humility, brings knowledge of sin. St. John Chrysostom (46, 984).

The work of prayer is higher than others, and the diligent to prayer should be great, so that his malice does not stain imperceptibly. The Monk Makarios of Egypt (33, 373).

Fruits of sincere prayer: simplicity, love, humility, patience, kindness and the like. All this, and before the eternal fruits, the fruit is produced here in the life of the diligent. These are the fruits that adorn the prayer; if there is not, the work is vain. Saint Gregory of Nyssa (23, 281).

The fruit of prayer is the gradually expanding vision of one's sins and one's sinfulness, which makes the emotion more intense and turns into crying (108, 292).

(The fruit of prayer) is the sense of the presence of God, the living memory of death, the fear of judgment and condemnation (108, 292-293).

The fruits of true prayer: the bright world of the soul, coupled with a quiet, silent joy, alien dreamy, self-conceited and flushed with impulses and movements; love to one's neighbor, which does not separate good from evil for love ... but intercedes for all before God, as for herself (109, 166-167).

The fruit of prayer consists in enlightening the mind and touching the heart, in reviving the soul with the life of the spirit. Bishop Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) (112, 98).

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