Today: 20 May 2019
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Coastal waters of Limassol have been cleared of wastes of human life

Coastal waters of Limassol have been cleared of wastes of human life

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The marine patrol, which began work this week, ran into its first test.

On Wednesday morning, a patrol team found 5-kilometer trail of human excrement, stretching along the coast of Limassol. The contaminated site began in the Debenhamsa area and ended at the Old Port. The width of the mass was about 10-meters.

The director of the company providing services for cleaning coastal waters, Dr. Costas Papastavros reported that two vessels were used to eliminate pollution, the work took about 3 hours. Presumably biological waste was dropped from the ship, which is on the quay in the waters of Limassol. All natural dispersants were used for the cleavage of the biological material.

The city authorities began investigations to find out who is behind this catastrophe.

Dr. Papavavros said that it is necessary to avoid the recurrence of detailed cases. "We had a hard time preventing a spill of excrement before it could reach public beaches."

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