Today: April 21 2019
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Prodromu: Cyprus was not informed about the attack on Syria

Prodromu: Cyprus was not informed about the attack on Syria

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The French fighter is preparing to land on the British military base in Cyprus, 14 April 2018

The official representative of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus, Prodromos Prodromu, commented on the role of Cyprus in the military operation against Syria, conducted by the United States, France and the United Kingdom in the early hours of 14 April.

According to the official written statement, "Cyprus did not participate in this operation, and the country is in complete safety. The authorities of the Republic of Cyprus are following developments, however, Cyprus was not previously informed about this attack. For the operation, the airspace of Cyprus was not involved. "

Prodromu expressed the hope that "in future it will be possible to avoid military operations in Syria and that the centers of dangers in this neighboring country can be fought by peaceful means and through dialogue," the Press and Information Bureau informs.

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