Today: 20 May 2019
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Russian sculptor will give Cyprus "Guardian Angel"

Russian sculptor will give Cyprus "Guardian Angel"

Tags: Cyprus, Ayia Napa, Russian, Arts

Famous Russian sculptor Peter Stronsky Cyprus donate one of his famous works. angel sculpture will be installed in Ayia Napa in honor of a special relationship between Russia and the island resort that will make the city one of the few places received the Guardian Angels.

Three-meter gold-plated "Guardian Angel of kindness and peace," will be built out of metal and glass, the final weight of the sculpture will be 600 kg.

The cost of creating the sculpture will be fully covered by Russian mitsenatov, Municipality of Ayia Napa just pay the transportation and installation of the "Guardian Angel".

11 November Petr Stronsky and the mayor of Ayia Napa Yiannos Karusos held a formal meeting, which would discuss the details of a gift.

Angel is set in Ayia Napa in 2017 year.

Anna Dimitrakis
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