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"Signal tightening": what could lead the appointment of Mike Pompeo Secretary of State of the United States

"Signal tightening": what could lead the appointment of Mike Pompeo Secretary of State of the United States

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Experts expect further deterioration in relations between Russia and the United States after the appointment of the current Director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State. According to their forecasts, the situation in Syria and in the Donbass may be strained. 13 March 2018 Donald Trump fired the head of the State Department Rex Tillerson. According to the President of the United States, they had disagreements, and with Pompeo the head of the White House "on the same wave." Earlier, the head of the CIA repeatedly accused the Russian Federation of "interfering in the American electoral process" and "attacking" Ukraine. RT was able to understand possible changes in Washington's foreign policy.

Mike Pompeo

"Soldier of the Party"

If ExxonMobil 65 former chairman of the board of directors Rex Tillerson at least at the beginning of his work as secretary of state used the reputation of a person aimed at restoring relations with Russia, then about 55-year-old Pompeo this can not be said. When he was Director of the CIA, he repeatedly accused the Russian Federation of "interfering in the American electoral process" and "attacking" Ukraine.

"It does not matter whether it is Russian or Soviet, but we still face the threat posed by Russians ... We must push back, defeat it, work in order to make the situation most painful for them," he said in an interview with Washington Free Beacon in July 2017.

Before 23 January 2017 Donald Trump appointed him director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo was elected three times to the House of Representatives of the US Congress from the 4 constituency of Kansas. While in Congress, he was on the committee of the House of Representatives for Intelligence and in the House Committee on Energy and Trade. In 1998, he founded Thayer Aerospace and Private Security, which manufactured components for the defense industry.

Mike Pompeo

In 2006, Pompeo became president of Sentry International, which produced equipment for the oil industry. Both companies worked closely with Koch Industries, a conglomerate of Koch brothers, one of the main sponsors of the far right wing of the Republican Party.

"Pompeo is a soldier of the party," said Alexander Domrin, an Americanist, an associate professor at the Higher School of Economics. "He will follow the president's orders, but he will be more subordinate to the Republican Party, and his apparatus was categorically against Trump from the very beginning."

According to the expert, this is a step towards the apparatus of the Republicans and especially those who "dug against it in the CIA".

"The appointment of CIA Director Mike Pompeo to the post of Secretary of State is a signal of a tightening of the American political course both towards Iran and towards Russia and its key strategic allies and partners," said Viktor Olevich, a leading expert of the Center for Topical Politics, in an interview with RT.

According to Domrin, we did not pass the lowest point in relations between our two countries, therefore, while the US Secretary of State will be Pompeo and CIA Director Gina Hespel, the relations between Russia and the US will reach an even lower level.

"We are apparently waiting for the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass and a direct clash with the United States in Syria. The main thing is that there was not a big war, "the expert predicts.

International reaction

The departure of Rex Tillerson from the post of Secretary of State and the appointment of Mike Pompeo in his place were taken with a mixed reaction in the US and abroad. Trump was actively supported by his main political opponents - the Democrats.

"We hope that Mr. Pompeo will open a new page and strengthen our policy against Putin and Russia," said the leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate Chuck Schumer.

In turn, the famous hawk Republican Lindsey Graham stressed that "and could not think of a better choice."

He was supported by Trump's decision and his friend Senator John McCain.

In turn, Vice Speaker of the German Bundestag Thomas Oppermann said that Tillerson's departure would "spoil the German-American relations", while the state minister for European affairs at the German Foreign Ministry's office Michael Roth wrote in his Twitter that the dismissal of Rex Tillerson "will not make a move things are better. "

"The possible reason for Tillerson's resignation is a disagreement with Trump over Iran. Tillerson was for maintaining a nuclear deal, Pompeo is a supporter of the toughest line. In this capacity, he can be much more suitable for Trump, especially if he decides to go to war, "believes Alexei Pushkov, chairman of the Federation Council Committee for Information Policy.

"We are waiting for people to blame us for Washington's reshuffle. Amendment! Russia has not yet begun to blame for Washington's personnel reshuffle? "- commented on the resignation of Tillerson on the radio" Komsomolskaya Pravda "official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

And the accusation did not take long.

"Although both Pompeo and Hespel are deemed more militant towards Russia, his resignation less than an hour or so after he blamed Moscow for being responsible for the attempted murder of his former spy, Sergei Skripal in the UK, may only to increase suspicions that Trump receives orders directly from the Kremlin, "the newspaper Haaretz asserts.

"On the same wave"

President of the United States Donald Trump fired Rex Tillerson from the post of Secretary of State 13 March 2018.

"CIA Director Mike Pompeo will be our new Secretary of State. He will do fine work. I thank Rex Tillerson for the service, "Trump wrote in his Twitter.

Later, explaining to journalists the reason for the personnel reshuffle, the president stressed that he did not always find mutual understanding with Tillerson.

"Look at the deal with Iran," Trump said. "I think this is a terrible thing." And for him, I think everything was okay. "

But with Pompeo, there are no contradictions with the president.

"We have always been on the same wave," Trump said.

At the post of director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo will be replaced by Gina Hespel, who will thus become the first woman at the head of this American special service. Hespel is a CIA cadre. In 2002, she led a secret CIA prison in Thailand, where she was tortured by suspected terrorists. In December 2017, the European Center for Constitutional Rights and Human Rights called on the German prosecutor's office to issue an arrest warrant for Hespel.

Previously, the US media repeatedly predicted the imminent resignation of Tillerson, but he himself denied such rumors. Deputy Secretary of State Steve Goldstein stressed that Tillerson does not know the reasons for his dismissal. Goldstein himself was also fired.

"The relationship between Donald Trump and his Secretary of State over the past year has been, to put it mildly, difficult. Trump repeatedly criticized, including in harsh tones, Tillerson's activities, "Olevich said.

The political scientist stressed that Trump had previously reported his disagreements with Tillerson on Twitter. In turn, as the American mass media wrote, recently during one of the meetings in the State Department Tillerson allowed himself to offend enough about Tramp, calling him an "asshole."

"The resignation was predictable, they talked about it for a long time," said Domrin.

According to the expert, Trump and Tillerson "did not stylistically coincide".

"Tillerson, as a respected man, expected that he would largely shape the foreign policy of the United States, and Trump had a different style: he makes decisions himself, and then waits for his subordinates to ensure their implementation."

According to the political scientist, Tillerson "was more a supporter of the multipolar world than Trump."

Farewell speech

After news of his resignation, Rex Tillerson spoke on the phone with Donald Trump.

"Today, after noon, the US president phoned me from the board. I also spoke with the Chief of Staff of the White House, John Kelly, to clarify the future, "Tillerson said, speaking at a briefing in the US State Department.

He also said that he will officially be listed by the US Secretary of State until 31 March. At the same time, according to Tillerson, until the end of the 13 working day, he will give all the powers to US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan, who will be the interim head of the State Department, until the Senate approves the candidacy of Mike Pompeo.

Rex Tillerson

Acting Deputy Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs instead of Stephen Goldstein will be the head of the press service of the US State Department Heather Nauert.

During his speech, Tillerson noted that the isolation of Russia does not meet anyone's interests.

"Continuation of their current path is likely to lead to their greater isolation, and this situation does not serve anyone's interests," he said.

Tillerson also stressed that the US should do a lot more work to determine the nature of further relations with China.

Speaking about his achievements, the dismissed state secretary noted that he "with partners" managed to increase pressure on the DPRK "to the extent that no one expected." Tillerson stressed his "merits" in Syria. "In Syria, we have achieved an important truce and stabilization, which has already saved thousands of lives. In Syria, much remains to be done in terms of achieving peace, "he said at a briefing.

Constant permutations

Since joining Trump in the office of US President 20 January 2016, the administration has left more than 10 politicians of the first echelon. Among them are Attorney General Sally Yates, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, FBI Director James Komi, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, White House Chief of Staff Rheins Pribus, Chief Strategy Officer of the White House Stephen Bannon, PR head - the administration of the Trump Hope Hicks administration.

Less than a week before Tillerson's resignation, US economic adviser Gary Cohn resigned. And simultaneously with Tillerson, as reported by CNN, the personal assistant of the US President John Manti was fired.

"But this is a non-standard personnel policy, this is unusual for the American political sphere. Donald Trump, in this sense, behaves not so much as a politician, but as a showman, "Olevich notes.

According to the expert, such leapfrog in the power harms and to the American leader.

"Trump has a growing number of critics, not only among his opponents, but also among his fellow party members, who consider his style voluntaristic, inadequate, inconsistent with those standards, norms that are inherent in the traditional political activities of the United States," the political scientist notes.

Now the American media are actively discussing the prospects for the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Presidential Adviser on National Security, General Herbert McMaster.

"Trump is so unpredictable that I can not make any assumptions," notes Dominin. "It could well go to Jared Kushner if Trump was baked."

Alexander Bovdunov, Olga Solovyova
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