Today: April 18 2019
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Stratfor: The escalation in the Donbass Kiev need to discourage the dialogue of Russia and the US

Stratfor: The escalation in the Donbass Kiev need to discourage the dialogue of Russia and the US

Tags: Ukraine, the Donbass, War, USA, Russia, Politics, Research, International Relations

Kiev authorities may themselves provoke fights in the Donbass, as they fear the United States and Russia closer, according to the assessment of the American analytical-research firm Stratfor.

The company notes that the fighting in the Donbass region in recent years really intensified, and although Kiev says that it is necessary to Moscow to improve its position in negotiations with the West, likely as an escalation on the part of Ukraine itself because it fears the United States and Russia possible convergence, TASS reports.

The company also believes that Kiev would benefit "to draw attention to the conflict and to seek international support on the issue of the extension of sanctions against Moscow."

"Ukraine is in a precarious position. While Washington is trying to achieve a thaw in relations with Russia, Kiev would seek greater support from European allies. He will also try to change the perception of the conflict in the eastern part of Ukraine so as to direct it against Russia, using violence to persuade the United States to stand firm on the issue of sanctions, "- says Stratfor.

The company notes that these attempts of Kiev is still not interfere achieve warming between the US and Russia, but the situation in the Donbass can significantly worsen.

Stratfor also said that Kiev is extremely alarmed by the rise to power in the US administration, which announced plans to strengthen the dialogue with Moscow. In the future, it means the inevitable changes in US policy in Ukraine, according to Stratfor publications.

According to the company, Kiev wants to German locations. The Company believes that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko went 30 of January in Germany, being "discouraged position of the new US administration."

Meanwhile, earlier Poroshenko announced plans to hold a meeting with Donald Trump in February. Before that, he noted that an agreement on a specific date of the meeting with Trump. Poroshenko also said at the time that such a meeting would be "very pleased."

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