Today: April 17 2019
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In the EU, sadly noted that Ukraine is close to the failure of the European policy

In the EU, sadly noted that Ukraine is close to the failure of the European policy

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Ukraine has made "little cry" on the way to Europe. For three years after the "euromaidan" the reform process in the country is sluggish, and the efforts in the fight against corruption are applied clearly insufficient. By so disappointing conclusion reached in their report, the experts of the Brussels Center for European Political Studies (CEPS), and it seems that by this themselves have fallen into a deep depression.

Ukraine Moldavia?

Most of the authors of the report - the European political scientists, sociologists and economists - are afraid that Ukraine will go the way of neighboring Moldova. This country, in the opinion of researchers in Brussels, for a quarter-century of sovereignty has not decided who to cling to it - the West or Russia. Presidents and governments are replaced and criticize each other, and almost no promotion - get "neither the amplitude nor syudy," or "neither our nor your" (depends on which side view).

That Ukraine is gradually on the verge of failure publicly declared European course. Where reform of the judicial and political systems, where decentralization of public institutions ?!

"The customs system is not reformed, property rights are not secured, not privatized state industry. Key reforms to fight corruption met with constant resistance, delayed or remain only on paper, "- said in a CEPS report.

Before the Minister of salaries - 125 years

Research center of Brussels shows that in Europe are finding more similarities between the current Kiev authorities and the government of Viktor Yanukovych. As with the deposed president, intentions to change something in the life of the country declared loud and clear, but most of the ideas and remains empty words.

"Ukraine is rarely experienced any problems by agreeing to institutionalize the European norms and requirements. However, all Ukrainian government's selective approach to implement them », - CEPS analysts say.

Particularly, they note the fact that the current Ukrainian government institutions can not compete with the power of the shadow of the oligarchs. As a consequence, the protection of business interests of individual persons' prevails over the need to strengthen the Ukrainian state and increase its credibility on the part of citizens. "

Even those reforms that the current government miraculously brought to a logical point, in fact, turned out to be half-hearted. For example, what is still created a system of electronic declaration of incomes of civil servants, ordinary citizens became worse. Because of the declarations they have learned, "that the average Ukrainian to work 125 years to earn as much money as it receives an average member of the government" in the year.

This seriously undermined the authority of the people, which they offered to power high-profile anti-corruption slogans. Now the future of the system of electronic declaration of income in Ukraine at all questionable.

"A group of deputies Rada has already appealed to the Constitutional Court demanding to recognize the system unconstitutional", - states in Brussels observers.

Do not leave Ukraine without the money?

In conclusion, the report of European experts in the hearts of the leadership of the EU recommended to be prepared for financing the cessation of Kiev. In that case, if Ukraine did not begin actual practical reform.

"The EU should firmly demand that the Ukrainian elite to begin a real nation-building. And if the authorities will not be able to do this, the EU must be prepared to stop assistance to Ukraine, and do it before it was done in Moldova ", - the report warned Western benefactors.

CEPS experts emphasize that the process is bogus, verbal or paper, the reforms the country should not be rewarded. Along the way, Europe would be good to remove at least some lesson from the history of Moldova.

"The EU should do everything in its power to prevent a repetition of Ukraine sad saga played out in Moldova. Although formerly the Chisinau leadership received broad political and economic support of the EU, it could not cope with corruption and undermine the credibility not only to themselves but also to the European Union ", - summed up the CEPS researchers.

Stepan Pawlowski
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