Today: April 17 2019
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The UN demanded that Kyiv pay pensions to residents of Donbass

The UN demanded that Kyiv pay pensions to residents of Donbass

Tags: Ukraine, the United Nations, the Donbass, pensions, benefits

Ukrainian authorities must guarantee the right of every citizen to social security, including uncontrolled Kiev residents of the Donbass, the report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The report of the violation of the rights and freedoms of Ukraine indicates that at least 2014 thousand. People were left without pensions, reports Tass November 160 years.

Ukrainian authorities are encouraged to establish a mechanism that will provide social benefits, especially "in the areas affected by the conflict."

OHCHR stressed that more than once criticized Kiev for what he requires citizens to register as internally displaced persons, if they want to receive their pensions.

In April 2016 year the UN reported that Kiev has suspended or canceled the benefits more than 600 thousand. IDPs and froze pensions over 370 thousand. Residents of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

In almost all regions of Ukraine, especially in the Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov and Kiev, recorded a deterioration of relations between local residents and internally displaced persons who fled the territory under the control of militias.

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