Today: April 18 2019
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Yesterday in Cyprus, one house completely burned down and three suffered

Yesterday in Cyprus, one house completely burned down and three suffered

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In 19: 52 Sundays, 8 April, the rescue service of the Republic of Cyprus received a report on a fire in the village of Alona. The house in the center of the village near the church burned. Six firefighting settlements arrived to the place of emergency: one from Palekhori, two from Peristerona and three from Nicosia. The flame was extinguished in 23: 01. The villagers believe that the firemen went to them too long.

On vacation in Alon, located near Agros, were a policeman and two employees of the Department of Civil Defense. They coordinated the actions of the villagers before the arrival of firefighters. The flame was localized to 21: 20 and extinguished in 23: 01. One house is completely destroyed. The second received serious damage. Two more houses suffered roofs.

Fortunately, there were no casualties. A married couple who lived in the house where the fire started, as well as all the people who were in neighboring houses, managed to leave their homes on time. All night in the village, fire brigade duty was on duty, in case of occurrence of a re-ignition, to neutralize its source. Preliminary cause of emergency - a faulty chimney near the fireplace.

According to the deputy head of the village community Michalis Nikifor, if firefighters arrived faster, the fire would not spread to neighboring houses.

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