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10 home masks to replace Botox and fillers

Fading skin - the first sign of old age. If you do not want your face betrayed age - to make a mask with gelatin. It is a valuable source of collagen, which helps the skin to remain supple. And gelatin can help get rid of the swelling, and spider veins. Make your face younger and brighter! And this collection 10 best masks on the basis of gelatin will help you.

And in the gelatin and have the most important amino acids: glycine, which speeds up cell regeneration, proline, responsible for the skin's moisture balance, asparagine, which is responsible for skin elasticity, alanine, strengthens the protective barrier, and glutamine - a source of cellular energy. The continuous use!

Terms preparation of masks in the home gelatin

  • Use an ordinary gelatin.
  • Fill it only with cold water (or milk or herbal infusion, but always cold!).
  • Proportioned 1 teaspoon of dry gelatin at 7 teaspoons liquid.
  • Give the granules swell for a few hours and make sure that they have ceased to increase in volume
  • Before applying to the skin warm-up composition in a water bath, but in no case do not bring to a boil.
  • Do not save the remnants of the mask for the face of the gelatin in the home, it is disposable options.

Rules applying gelatine mask

  • Prepare the skin, removing makeup and thoroughly using a scrub or peeling.
  • Completely dry the skin before applying the mask.
  • Allocate a mask on the skin, moving from chin to forehead.
  • Do not apply the mask on the area around the eyes.
  • When you're done to distribute within 30 minutes do not talk and do not strain your facial muscles.
  • To wash off the mask with warm water first, then cold, if not help - wipe the skin with a cotton pad soaked in milk, and delete the mask as a film.

Recipes masks of gelatin

Antioxidant mask

A tablespoon of gelatin zaley 6 tablespoons of water and leave to swell. Mash into a puree 6-7 grapes with seeds, better bone crushing. Add to gelatin, stir thoroughly, heated in a water bath and apply on the skin for half an hour.

Matting mask

A teaspoon of gelatin zaley 3 3 spoons of yogurt and spoon milk. When gelatin swell, add a mask of a tablespoon of oatmeal. This mask cleans the pores and prevents the excessive activity of the sebaceous glands.


Soak a teaspoon of gelatin in water, prepare a fruit puree. If you have dry skin - from avocado or apricot if normal - kiwi or orange if the fat - from cherry or grapefruit. mashed potatoes mixed with gelatin, apply on face for half an hour.

Mask instead of Botox

Mix a teaspoon of peach butter, a teaspoon of aloe juice, add the capsule vitamins A and E and mix with the swollen gelatin in water. This mask is to do a course 2 times a week for 3 weeks. The effect is really comparable to Botox!

Anti-Aging mask

Prepare gelatin, soak it in water, add a teaspoon of glycerin and honey pharmacy. The effect of this anti-aging mask with gelatin at home stunning!

Mask to cleanse pores

Mash in a mortar tablet of activated charcoal, add to the prepared water gelatin. Pumps at the T-zone and chin. Use this recipe for a mask from the gelatin for getting rid of blackheads.

Mask for skin elasticity

Soak gelatin in milk, and then add in the mask of the protein of chicken eggs. The consistency is quite thick, so the mask is applied with a spatula or thick brush.

Nourishing mask

The soaked in milk gelatin add a tablespoon of powdered cheese. In addition to the supply and softening, this mask also refreshes the skin!

Whitening mask

Soak the gelatin in the juice of cucumber, applied to the skin, the composition of the pre-cool to room temperature.

soothing mask

If the skin is chapped or coarsened, prepare gelatin Bay with water and then heated in a water bath, and add the butter. When the oil has dissolved, let cool, and the weight is applied to the affected areas.