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15 trendiest scents of spring

Perfume Fashion - is the most conservative, if we fall in love with the flavor, it is a long time. Still, it also happens change: with some notes of an affair this season - ask at the perfumers.

1. All edible

Hermes Eau de Rhubarbe Écarlate - with the aroma of a dessert of rhubarb (in Russia is expected in May); re-release limited Mugler Angel Eau Sucree (berry sorbet, caramel meringue, patchouli and vanilla); Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba with notes of bergamot, bitter orange and cocoa; Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Misteriosa with blackberries, tuberose, vanilla mousse and milk; Prada Candy Kiss - a new incarnation of sweetness in a lighter version, fragrance-shifter in which Musk sounds all the time in combination with flowers and vanilla.

Gourmet notes can love or hate, so with them perfumers are trying to experiment carefully. In the end, make a sweet and caramel You could still only Mugler with his "Angel" and sweet confectionary flavors on the market a sufficient number appears.

Sweet and fresh at the same time the smell of rhubarb - a real lure for men

Christine Nazhel
Hermes perfumer

"With the sweet notes are always difficult to work - says perfumer Sophie Labbe. - On the one hand, they give the flavor of instant recognition, something simple and understandable on a subconscious level. All we sometimes allow ourselves to sweets, is not it? On the other hand, thanks to a straightness of them can quite quickly get tired, so it is very important to strike a balance to the sweetness was not monotonous. "

2. White flowers

Comme des Garcons Dot - blooming osmanthus, citrus, greens; Juliette has a Gun White Spirit with tuberose, amber and musk; Gianfranco Ferre Camicia 113 with magnolia, jasmine and peony on a warm base of the east; Diptyque Eau des Sens with orange blossom; Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Love in Capri with the scent of honeysuckle - Honeysuckle, which resemble jasmine flowers.

With floral aromas easiest to follow the "yield" of Grasse, and Bulgarian fields and see the promotion of new chords, which are synthesized in the IFF, Symrise and other major perfume companies. Thanks to high-quality iris parties a few years ago there was a clutch of powdery scents. Then it was time to light floral waters with freesia and unidentifiable white flowers, and in recent years won unconditionally beats.

Floral smells incredibly sexy. Remember the smell of jasmine - excites, fascinates, drags. A sweet tuberose? This flavor of depravity, which is hidden behind a decent and humble appearance of a beautiful girl.

Jacques Cavallier

In 2016-m we are enjoined to smell of orange blossom, lily and jasmine. "Find a new facet of the fragrance of white flowers most difficult - says Myriam Bado, marketing director of Diptyque. - Flowers are used in perfumes literally from the very beginning. By itself, the smell of flowers can be saturated, but the modern version of floral perfume should be easy, unobtrusive, and thus should not have any sensation diluted, mild formula - it is a real challenge for perfumers, but the fun and explore this new trend. "

3. Let's play in the city

Etro Shantung with notes of mandarin, lychee, rose and incense is dedicated to the Chinese silk factory; Guerlain Promenade des Anglais - a walk on the French Riviera, with notes of fig, lily of the valley, violet and heliotrope; Olfactive Studio Still Life in Rio - Brazilian cocktail with yuzu, lemon essence, mint, rum and pepper; Agonist Blue North - a journey to the North with the warmth of vanilla and spices, and the coolness of peppermint; Memo Marfa (cedar, sandalwood, tuberose) is not about the name, but a small town in Texas.

The theme of the year does not lose popularity for one simple reason: to travel the easiest to find sources of inspiration. Feel the rhythm and energy of an unfamiliar city, and try to express it in the language of perfumery association - a real art. But for us the main thing to choose the flavors that really capture the spirit and mood, rather than just playing on the famous stamps.

Perfumes have to feel for the city. Because if you approach the issue without imagination, Moscow would smelled of trees and incense (because the theme of Russian churches, they have a very nice!). And I think the city should smell harsh, a little dusty, always sweet - or amber, benzoin, gasoline fumes, something loud-citrus.

Clara Molloy
founder Memo

"New York smells pure and simple, is very American - said Thierry Wasser, perfumer Guerlain. - Delhi smells luxurious, hot spices and sun. Paris - something vintage, chypre-east, it is probably the only city that does not smell or food streets, and indeed spirits. But the main thing - that, as the city and favorite people, favorite perfume we choose the heart. "

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