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20 stylish variants of stepped staircases staircase and cascade 2017

In 2017, it became an indispensable element of the most stylish images. Hairdressers consider it unique. The scaffold looks great on hair of any type, allows you to perfectly model the face oval, and besides - vary the styling to your own taste.

Stepped haircut staircase 2017: photo from the back

Cascading multi-layered hairstyles most exactly meet the main trend of today's fashion. Complex and very individual images are created thanks to their beautiful and non-trivial contours.

Stylistics 70-x, namely from that era in today's fashion came the ladder, today is at the peak of its popularity. But this hairstyle can not be called openly vintage, it surprisingly subtly fit in many other styles - from modern classical to sophisticated romantic.

The technique of cutting a ladder or cascade is quite simple, the hair from the crown to the tips is cut by steps of different length and depth. Nevertheless, this hairstyle belongs to the category of highly professional, and you can entrust its execution only to an experienced and proven master.

The hairstyle pattern and the nature of the kennel in each individual case can only be picked up by an experienced hairdresser. It is best to look at the hair on straight or slightly wavy hair, and their density in this case is not critical. Cascade, multilevel hairstyle is capable to give an additional volume to thin hair. And at the same time - pacify and give the desired form of thick and naughty hair.

The choice of a new hairstyle always begins with an evaluation of the type and shape of your own face. But in the case of ladder stylists do not put forward any restrictions, it is perfectly combined with the most diverse forms of persons. It is important only to choose the correct length of control strands - on the crown zone. The most beautiful in any type of face looks long - to the chin - curls, gracefully framing the face.

By its name, the hairstyle is due to the technique of its execution. Regardless of the length, the hair from the control strand is trimmed with steps. Their tips should be necessarily profiled - this will not only create an elegant volume, but also allow you to make simple and stylish styling.

The hairstyle has many options and is performed on both very long hair and short ones. In this case, the neck is left open, and a beautiful complex volume of hair is created on the crown and temples.

Cascaded hair of medium length - the best option for those who like simple and spectacular hairstyles. By the way, one of its advantages is that it does not require frequent correction, one trip to the salon once every three months will be enough to support its shape.

But especially luxuriously, the hair looks on long hair, in this case, the haircut of the ladder behind is decorated with different-level strands, which look great if you cut out the "feathers".

The scaffold allows not only to keep the original length of hair, but also to give them a very plastic and easy-to-install volume. The outline can be decorated in many different ways - chaotic strands or "fox tail" will perfectly support the idea of ​​a hairstyle.

Regardless of length, the stepped haircut of the ladder is perfectly combined with all styles of fashionable bangs. Even if you have never worn a bang, in combination with such a hairdo it is worth trying.

The most fashionable, and that the main thing, are universal two variants of bangs. The first, long - up to the eyebrows - thick and straight, they perfectly contrast with the multilayered contour of the hairstyle and at the same time perfectly correct the oval of the face. Such a bang will look great on the owners of narrow and chin-stretched faces. She perfectly balances their proportions and makes the facial features more elegant.

No less stylish look thinned bangs of complex shape - arched or oblique and asymmetrical, they perfectly simulate rounded and "square" faces. And, in addition, emphasize a single, complexly built line of silhouette hairstyles.

Woman's haircut ladder cascade and her photo

Hairstyle perfectly suits any type of face and hair, but is quite demanding on their color. Stylists recommend to do it only on freshly dyed hair. Expressive relief pattern of the haircut will only exacerbate the impression of overgrown roots or faded color.

In the trends of this year - the natural and noble colors of hair, which such a hairstyle demonstrates especially luxuriously. Choose the shade closest to your natural color, and to increase its depth and add nuances to the image will allow easy coloring by two or three tones lighter.

Shade strands can be seen on the top of the head, or around the entire contour. This technique works particularly well on thin hair, giving the hairdo an extra volume and legibility of the silhouette.

Elegant and feminine gait staircase is very simple in styling. This quality lies in the very technology of its creation. Profiled or thinned ends of hair beautifully fit themselves. Sufficiently washed and slightly dried hair to lay with a hair dryer and a round brush.

A very stylish and fashionable image based on such a hairstyle can be created if you take a little suitable for the type of hair styling. Apply it to the ends of the strands and give them a pointed shape, slightly pulling them out. You can use a curling tong or forceps for this. Do not comb, lightly beat the hair with your hands and fix the effect with a varnish of easy fixation.