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6 errors in makeup that spoil our lives

We often say that you do not need to be afraid of experiments. Still, there are techniques that are best not to repeat - without these harmful tips life will clearly be better and more harmonious.

1. Mix foundation with moisturizer

This cunning is actively advised by many makeup artists, forgetting to clarify - most often they do it on the set, and for a couple of hours with the cream does not really happen. Mixing alleviates even the most dense textures, the foundation itself becomes like a toning cream (the one that is usually called a tinted moisturizer), and the skin acquires a beautiful shine. But what is bad is that the formula over which smart heads have been piled for months has been created without taking into account any self-activity. Ideally, the creators of any remedy would very much like you to treat your offspring with extreme care: they were not stored at low temperatures in the refrigerator or vice versa, high in the sun, diluted, or tried to improve. Because otherwise all the declared important properties, like firmness or camouflage ability, will disappear, and after an hour or two after application, the tone will flow unevenly. If the cream seems too dense to you, it's much better to change the way of application - for example, to stretch the layer on a well-moistened skin with a sponge or a brush, and not with your fingers, so it will lie more transparent and unobtrusive.

2. Dilute Mascara

Formally, of course, you can, but why? The fact is that the base into which black pigments are added can be waxy or polymeric, this affects the ability of textures to mix. If water is added to the wax, the mascara will cease to be homogeneous. If you add an alcohol-containing tonic to your mascara (this "useful" advice is often shared on the Internet, and it works in the sense that the alcohol really becomes a link between the components) - the ink will get the correct uniform consistency, but your eyes will most likely not be easy. A drop of cream for the skin around the eyes dilutes the ink, and most likely thanks to ophthalmological testing will not become a health threat, but in this case it is better not to rely on the durability of makeup: mascara can be showered with vigorous lumps in a few minutes after application. What to do? Heat the closed tube in hot water. This trick helps make the texture of the carcass more fluid, although it does not work in the long run, but will save you from an unexpected embarrassment.

3. Do not paint over the ciliary loop

No matter what was going on, on the arrows, pencil eyeliner or mascara, even minimalist bed: NOT, spoil all the roots of the eyelashes. For the study of the upper eyelid is best-eyeliner pen, waterproof better, with the help of the easiest way to paint dot space between the lashes. The second step - to paint the base of the eyelashes mascara, without fear of soiling the lid: all the excess can then be erased with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover, and only then proceed to spray shadow or eyeliner.

4. Use bronzer instead of blush

Sarcasm Eduardo Ferreira, the international make-up artist Bobbi Brown, worthy of repetition: "If you see a man with a brown blush, call me anytime, day or night. I lie down at once, because I want to see it. " Blush - pink only on the protruding part of the cheeks with a smile. Bronzer - only ideal skin tone, along the lines of the contour of the face and with good shading, which will eliminate the bands.

5. Apply powder in the area around the eyes

This is a delicate moment, always causing heated controversy. On the one hand, the powder well aligns the overall tone, and when using concealer it is often necessary. On the other hand, due to the finely dispersed texture, it can emphasize small mimic wrinkles, which even in people with good genetics usually appear after 25 years. It is definitely not worth using white powdery powder here - photos of stars in white "dust" fly around the Internet so regularly that it will not be hard to remember. It is better to choose translucent satin textures, and after applying sprinkle your face with thermal water: it "sits" pudrovye funds and helps tone to merge with the skin.

6. Choose bright colors and eye and lip

All make-up artists like to say that make-up - it is a zone of freedom and creativity. Even if you decide to make up eyes green pencil and purple shadows, and her lips scarlet lipstick and makeup that is very difficult to see you, that's fine, as long as you are comfortable in such a manner. If you did not - then stick with the classic rule: a bright eyes or lips. "Choose one thing. If you have beautiful eyes - underline them in all possible ways, - Germain said Moyano, international makeup Lancome. - if the lips - that shamelessly use bright, incredibly bright lipsticks and eye leave the minimum necessary, eyeliner and mascara. "

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