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6 habits that harm from too exaggerated

Bad habits are usually always help us. Well, are not born, they scratch. They "grow" as a reaction to something or irritable, or to any stress. Therefore, it is not necessary for it myself too blame.

Crunching his knuckles

It's funny, but about the habit of crunching his knuckles were as much controversy as about the usefulness or harm eggs or palm oil. At first glance, it's bad - when one crunches with your fingers, it contributes to a sharp decrease in pressure in the fluid interarticular, because of what the loud burst of gas bubbles, which has in its composition. The joints are slowly but surely damaged. Interestingly, none of the leaders of science have not gathered enough convincing evidence about the dangers of this habit.

Scientists from Philadelphia convincingly proved that actually crunching his knuckles even useful, because joints become more flexible and agile. But it is a sign of nervousness and lack of culture (or is no longer considered?).

There are chocolate

Thoughts about calories forced to give up this pleasure. But this rule only works if we are talking about instant coffee and milk chocolate.

In fact, natural coffee and bitter and dark chocolate are useful foods. They have many antioxidants, they strengthen the nervous system and easily cure depression. His contribution to the noble drinks and in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. American experts commissioned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have developed and justified the norms of coffee consumption. They proved that several standard coffee cups of the drink (no more than 5) reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus 2 type.

To gossip

Let's be honest: the news of the failure of others increases self-esteem. By the way, there is a scientific definition of the word "rumor" that psychologists have come up with: unauthorized judgments about people not present in the moment.

Experts from the British Psychological community proved that gossip helps to establish personal contacts, as well as we are afraid to be the subject of idle speculation, it motivates self-improvement.

Transmission of information helps to relax, relieve stress and even cure depression. In addition, people generally tend to value judgments - a professor of evolutionary anthropology at Oxford Robin notes that it is a boost to the subsequent evolution of the human brain.

Sitting in social networks

Traditionally, employers and doctors do not approve craze social networks. The first - because it distracts from the work, the second - because it causes addiction, depression and other mental disorders.

In fact, according to employees of the American Research Center Pew Research Center, regular users of social networks are not subject to severe stress, on the contrary - they have lower levels of stress levels than those who do not use social networks. They have more friends, they are more likely to trust people, and are more active at work.
In general, after a visit to the internet improves mood, as well as productivity.

Awareness of what is happening around and the opportunity to share their own news positively affect the mental health and give a sense of belonging to society. The stimulating performance.

bite nails

25-30% of the world population bite their nails, and are beginning to do this with 4-6 years. Interestingly, dogs, cats, monkeys, and even birds, too biting front paws grasping a piece of nail. This led the researchers to suggest that the habit has got a man in the process of evolution.

It is believed that a nail-biting - indeed complacency and a way to stabilize the emotions. Some psychologists explain this by saying that in the end, the habit becomes a kind of psychological drug.

To drink coffee

There are those who drink coffee literally liters, especially in the morning, when he comes to the workplace.

However, I must say that scientists are still arguing about how useful or harmful to the drink. On the one hand, it is proved that we bracing coffee, so it is indispensable in the morning, on the other hand, it is our skin dries, dehydrating body. What it is certainly very harmful effect on our appearance.

Some scientists argue that coffee contributes to the rapid aging, others - insist that it also brings us in a positive frame of mind, acting as a power engineer. In general, about the debate of opponents and supporters of coffee you can read a lot of different articles and materials. One thing is certain: many of us simply can not do without it.

Hence the conclusion: simply reduce the number of cups, drinks per day, and drink the drink and more. To your health!

Well, the last habit bonus - seventh. Smoking. Say you right - throw this work of destruction. Its harm is certainly not at all exaggerated. And the smell that comes from the mouth of smoking woman - well, you already have a good understanding.