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7 secrets of eternal youth Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren - a style icon of the twentieth century. Glamour explores and reveals the fate of the formula for success, beauty and charm of the famous women.


Sophia Loren - in the postwar years has Shikolone Sofia, a girl from a poor family, who grew up in the fishing town near Naples - chose a correct path to fame: in beauty pageants. She always knew that her appearance is hidden unprecedented potential, and managed to use it. "Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief in its beauty," - Lauren writes in his autobiography.

Reliable partner in life

Beauty Secrets (from the baths of olive oil to a spaghetti ...), style and makeup lessons played a significant role in shaping the image of Sophia Loren, but few will deny that the main creator of Sofia - her husband Carlo Ponti.

He was at 22 a year older than his chosen one and immediately after getting to know the matter took up her education. You probably heard a story about how Ponty staged the famous gait of Sofia Lauren: they say that the spouse placed two side tables with drawers and forced Sofia to pass between them, pushing the drawers with hip movements. And so countless times. Sophie obeyed obediently, and as a result found a gait, at a glance at which men lose their will. Carlo Ponti scandalized with the producers, when they insisted that Lauren lost weight and did something "with this huge nose." "She's perfect, the best woman ever born on Italian soil," retorted Ponti, and millions of fans who appeared after Sofia's first paintings agreed with him. Ponty and Lauren lived together all their lives. "Carlo is the only man I've ever loved. I do not need the other, "Sofia said in 2007, when Carlo Ponti was gone.


Follow the advice of the chief Sophia Loren: "Even an ugly woman with regular personal care will ever be perfect, and any beauty over the years, risks losing all that matters, if there is no care for the gifts that nature has bestowed upon it."


Sophia Loren rarely goes to bed later than nine pm (of course, for the ceremony of "Oscar", for example, the actress makes an exception) and carefully ensures that the temperature in the bedroom no higher than twenty degrees.

Focus on the eyes

Eyes - the main focus of the makeup of the star. Natural skin tone, peach blush, soft shades of lipstick without nacre, but eyes Sophia Loren always emphasizes dark shadows and thick arrows to reflect the frank sensuality that that crazy men than one generation.


Hair, according to the actress, should not just be well packed and look healthy. "Hairstyle affects how the rest of your day, but in the end - and the whole of life" - likes to say Sophia Loren. Secret shine of her hair - mask of warm olive oil.

CORRECT pick up clothes

As for the clothes, the actress assistance - all the world's fashion house. The main objective when choosing - to emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses. Feminine silhouette and plunging necklines Sophia Loren demented world. In short, the experiment! And, of course, send us the fruits of their experiments. Let's compare with whom readers of Glamour will be able to better embody the image of the legendary Sophia Loren.

Now Sofia Lauren is 78 years old and she is one of the few women who, at such an honorable age, attracts admiring glances. Extremely well-groomed skin, an ideal hairstyle, an elegant wardrobe for years allow Sophia to retain the title of the most beautiful Italian. Naturally, other beauties dream of eclipsing their beauty with the legendary actress, of course, but Monica Bellucci, Isabeli Fontana, Adriana Lima, Kelly Brook are forced to bow their heads to the impeccable image of a woman who has made herself an ideal of beauty and a true icon of the twentieth-century style.

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