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Four versatile exercises to help relieve stress

Intelligent load line the blood sugar level, eliminate chronic muscle overexertion, which occurs in those who are constantly nervous.

In general, any physical activity - from basketball to bike - promotes the release of endorphins in the body and other substances, which are so-called hormones of joy.

"Stress can be different - says fitness trainer and bodybuilding Sergey Goncharov -. If you are angry or even enraged, you will approach the competitive or any active sports (basketball, football), such kinds of sports where it is possible to throw out the accumulated energy, without harm to themselves and others. "

It will be useful to release negative energy for the benefit of the body and the nervous system - in the gym, in group exercises and training in martial arts. A hot shower after exercise to relax the body, and the depletion of energy will allow you to fall asleep easily and thus allow the nervous system to recover.
- Sergei Goncharov, fitness trainer and bodybuilding

The main thing - to remember about safety and not lose his head, reminiscent of a coach.

If you are angry, tired and want to be alone with yourself, you will approach less aggressive sports: jogging, swimming, yoga, stretching - they will not exhaust your body, here the main thing - to know the measure and do not overdo it.

For the lazy

For a start we look at how to work out with the least effort. Calm breath 10-15 minutes. In the position with the head tilted forward. Diaphragmatic breath through two nostrils, in an attempt to relax the abdominal muscles, calm long breath through the left nostril with a small, comfortable, delayed about 1-3 seconds.

Lean forward with a delay in the down position and relaxation will be a calming influence on the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system.

Inverted torso and / or legs to be a calming influence on the sympathetic autonomic nervous system.

If you just lie down on a flat surface, placing a small pillow under your lower back and stretching his arms to the side of the head, you can not see how fall asleep. This position will relax the upper sections of the trapezius muscle, which is particularly overburdened people sitting most of the working time, or experiencing stress and restore blood flow cervical spine, relax the extensor muscles of the back, removing the load from them.

For those who can help to close, fit neck massage and suboccipital region or mild facial massage.


This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about relaxing. This is not surprising, because one of the basic principles of yoga - proper breathing.

Of course, yoga requires training, but almost all the exercises aimed at stretching the muscles, sometimes in combination with meditation.

It is important that the right approach yoga does not cause severe pain in the muscles. The slopes and twisting, on the contrary, aimed at relaxing muscles.

"There are different kinds of yoga for people with varying degrees of physical fitness and with varying degrees of stretching, which will be very difficult to relax during the occupation, when they deal with the pain and stress of the nervous system, which will resist stretching," - continues Goncharov.

If you have a lot of stress and you have not done any yoga before, the right to practice, choose a group or start a class, being in a quiescent state.
- Sergei Goncharov, fitness trainer and bodybuilding

Yoga is good, but yogaterapiya better because yoga - it's basically a group activity in which the needs of all trainees are averaged, and no specially selected exercises for you. For example, not all will be helpful to stand upside down.

In Pilates, there are stretching, and work on posture, it also helps to relax, relieve stress.


Long-distance running - also a kind of antidepressant. Start with 15 minutes, bringing the duration of jogging slowly until 50-60 minutes. Put yourself and time, and visual target. You can run not only on a circle and not only in the stadium - it is suitable squares, parks, many of which have comfortable track.

The optimal frequency of training - at least three times a week. You can run to your favorite tunes on headphones. And when he comes home, take a shower.

"It is very important to run properly, because each step affects the ankle, knee and hip joints as well as the entire spine, so the correct running it is necessary to learn and not to spare this time and money. Permissive attitude to the movement, which is repeated thousands of times, can lead to all sorts of cumulative trauma is also very important to choose shoes, in which you will run "-. warns Sergey Goncharov.


In water less likely to get injured. You can swim, not paying attention to others, put their personal bests, think or relax.

To start swim as you can. Typically, pools 25 meters long, so try to swim without stopping - and you will notice that each time more and more swims. You can navigate and otherwise - on time. Then it is necessary to start with 40-minute session.

Where are the limits? Only in your abilities. Change styles of swimming, take a look in advance, if you are doing the right thing or that movement. It may be a reason to take a couple of private lessons.

Swimming is almost perfect, but it, like in running, you need to learn the proper technique and breathing. To relax the best swim lying on his back.
- Sergei Goncharov, fitness trainer and bodybuilding

Martial arts and combat sports

Fighting fit to release negative energy - it is better to do it on a conditional pear, than something is not adapted for this purpose.

In addition, the fight skills give self-confidence. However, training only methods do not - and need a good physical condition and endurance. So many parallel, fascinated by martial arts, start walking to fitness, to get in shape.


In any case, doing any kind of physical activity, remember the safety, no one will think about your health more than you do, and the fact that more - not always better, everything is good in moderation.