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Expert: How to fight for eternal youth women around the world

Modern medicine has given people the opportunity to live much longer than ever before - it shows in life expectancy, which can not be compared with the one that was 100, 200 or more years ago. And we need increasingly to take care of their health, the state of the skin, which changes with age.

We talk about how people try to extend the beauty and how different human ideals of beauty in different countries, we have invited the main man and the President of the French brand Institut Esthederm Batidzhello Lorenz, who recently arrived in Latvia.

Lorenz believes that every country - its different perception of beauty. But common to all factor - the desire as long as possible to preserve youthfulness.

"Thanks to the era of globalization, when the Internet was available almost anywhere in the world, women became much more aware of the possibilities of preserving youth.If 20 years ago, the most popular means of preserving youth was surgical intervention, but now women increasingly prefer natural remedies and procedures" , - says Mrs. Batigiello. The buyers themselves also evidently noticed that in their stores the victorious "march" on the counters of beauty products began not only one eco-and bio-product, Institut Esthederm also supports the naturalness in the care of beauty.

Lorenz described the rituals of beauty care in different countries of the world, by which women try to preserve youth, and especially noted Japan where skincare use a significant amount of unusual products and procedures. Each has developed its own protocol Japanese skincare that it adheres to the early morning to late evening, says the expert. In addition, anti-age products or anti-aging Japanese women are starting to be used in a fairly early age.

"It's interesting that in Iran, women who in ordinary life only show their eyes to others and care for their face and body pay as much attention as Japanese women." In my opinion, in this way the Iranians preserve, care and, in some sense, compensate their a natural desire for femininity, despite the fact that no stranger can see it.If we compare women living in France and Russia, it is worth noting that the French women in their views are much freer than the Russians - they are looking for their individual cr Asotu, not following any standards, but Russian girls create their beauty, more or less based on stereotypes about what is considered to be beautiful and aesthetic in society, "explains Lorentz.

During discussions with known Latvian beauty specialists and dermatologists about the prospects of the industry for the future, Lorenz was pleased to hear one remarkable conclusion - skin care should be based on its natural ability to heal itself. Similar philosophy adheres brand Institut Esthederm.

Instead of looking outwardly noticeable temporary solutions, the brand aims to "teach" your skin, to accustom her to recover on its own, that it was provided to only those substances that are contained in the skin itself.

The philosophy of the brand is a long-term beauty - human skin is programmed to live more 100 years, so it is necessary to take care of relying on the long-term prospects, using active ingredients that help the skin to re-learn how to maintain its inherent energy and restore their ability to regenerate.

"Today, people want not only to spend less money than usual, but also to buy the right products, which means that both price and quality are important," Lorenz assures. "Even those who have enough money to buy everything, people are more likely to make purchases deliberately, thinking not only about how profitable the purchase is, but also about whether the product will turn out to be good for the skin, body and health in general. People are looking for products that have value Therefore, the most important thing to remember in the name of your health and beauty, - that you need to acquire a quality product. "

Expert urges all active care not only about their health, but also the place where we live. This is our land, our planet, our home. We eat more correctly, using available in their country, seasonal products, we move to a more "green" principles, going on nature by bike, we use quality and natural beauty products etc.

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