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Clay, paste, wax, glue and even 5 unusual hair styling products

Prompt, how to understand the huge number of custom tools for modeling hairstyles.

Beyond the usual nail polish, gel foam and there are at least nine hair styling products. To understand how they differ from each other and how to handle them, we were helped by experts:

  • Irina CherepanovaChief technology officer stylist Charm Distributors;
  • Alina Kastrykina, Top stylist Sebastian Professional;
  • Artem Shishkin, Cut-expert brand Schwarzkopf Professional.

"All this money was invented in case of force majeure improvised themselves hairdressers. More often - on the set and backstage impressions for creating complex pilings or avant-garde, so the names of these products have obtained a simple and associative. Then the formula finalized in laboratories, making them balanced and safe, "- says Irina Cherepanov.


Dry Wax Spray Play Dirty, Style Sexy Hair; solid Shine Wax, Davines.

Texture: Solid, liquid or spray form. The composition typically has beeswax, petrolatum, mineral oil, linoleic acid.
Task: Emphasize individual strands, give your hair shine. A beneficial effect on the scalp, even if there are diseases such as dandruff, psoriasis, eczema. It nourishes and moisturizes the strands can be easily removed for washing.
Application: Apply a small amount on your palm, spread on dry hair, model styling.


Bamboo Style Form Ultra-Hold Sculpting Clay, Alterna; Matterial, Paul Mitchell.

Texture: Dense, reminiscent of solid clay, when heated in the hands it becomes plastic. There is also a clay in a spray.
Task: Modeling, emphasizing the texture of hair, dry matte effect. Matting clay is ideal for short cuts can ruffle them gently or tame. Wet clay is suitable for laying the long, curly hair - leaves them moving, removes electrification.
Application: Before use, heat in the palms of the hands or a hair dryer, apply from the roots to the tips.


Clay DS Super Style Glue, Sim Sensitive; elastic microfiber Microweb Fiber, Sebastian Professional.

Texture: Depending on the brand - or fibrous gel.
Task: Ultrasilnoy fixation, gloss effect without stickiness, but often - with a worsening. Good models curls, curl stresses.
Application: Apply a small amount of product on wet or dry hair. Model the packing and allow the product to dry on the hair.


OSIS + Mighty Matte, Schwarzkopf Professional; soufflé got2b «Shine spotlights», Schwarzkopf; Sublimate, Sebastian Professional.

Texture: Kremo- and sufleobraznaya.
Task: Smooth out the damaged or dry hair during installation, provide thermal protection. Suitable for curly and curly hair.
Application: Apply to wet hair, lay with a hair dryer.


Over Achiever 3-in-1 Cream Paste, Matrix; Hard to Get, TIGI.

Texture: Plastic and soft, and creates a good amount of light texture, in contact with the hair of any length.
Task: Provides a flexible fit, adds texture, enhances wave, with looks natural. It gives tails, beams and curls airiness and light brightness.
Application: Distribute the product evenly from roots to ends and dry hair.


Powder Style, Urban Tribe; Volumatte Prep & Style Powder, Lock Stock Barrel; Savage Panache, Wild Stylers 60's Babe by Techni.Art, L'Oreal Professionnel.

Texture: Friable (when applied it is necessary to rub in the palms), or as a spray (spray from the middle to the ends of strands).
Task: Create volume, tousled hair styling with a matte effect. Long lasting control of texture and volume.
Application: Apply to dry hair, model laying on request. For bulk packing in grunge style tilt your head down and sprinkle with powdered hair straight from the bottle. To make careless hairstyle on long hair, put on the roots of dry shampoo, and the length and ends of work through powder.

salt spray

Texturizing Sea Spray, Paul Mitchell; Osis + Soft Glam, Schwarzkopf Professional; 07 Fashion Waves, Redken.

Texture: Spray with sea salt crystals.
Task: Disheveled styling "surfer girl"; instant tousled "beach" effect on the hair of any type. Stresses the natural movement of hair, gives volume and matte shine. Suitable for the creation of evening and wedding hairstyles.
Application: Apply to damp or dry hair, leave loose or twist into bundles, then dry the hair dryer or let it dry naturally.


Serum Exceptionnel, Yves Rocher; Satin On Anti-Frizz Serum, Londa Professional; Serum de Soie Sublimateur, Leonor Greyl.

Texture: Liquid or cream.
Task: Laying naughty or damaged hair. It creates an ideal base for any hair, smoothes the porous structure of the hair, protects against moisture and high temperatures of at termoukladke.
Application: Apply a few drops to wet hair, make styling. Hair will become soft, obedient, smooth. It can be combined with other styling products.

texturizing spray

Instant Texture Mist, Living Proof; Hair Shake, Joico; Mineral Texture Booster, Matrix.

Texture: Spray.
Task: To create a natural effect of long-term volume and easy confusion, while leaving the strands of mobile and natural. Suitable hair of any length and texture. Prepares hair for weaving braids, making it more dense and "tenacious".
Application: 10-15 short bursts spray onto dry hair from a distance of 30 cm along the entire length. Give laying sloppy form. dry the hair dryer, if desired.

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