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History of Beauty: How to care for a great ladies of the past

Often these stories are similar to the legend, but that they are interesting. How to care for a French, English and Russian, and the ruler of one of the king's mistress - read our material.

Catherine de Medici: masks made of meat, cream of cream and spirits

The figure of the lady surrounded by the most terrifying legend. This "black queen" of France, whose best friends were the first chemists of those times (which, of course, masterfully mixed as creams for the face to the Queen, and poisons for its enemies). That we owe the development of perfumery: marrying French King, Catherine did not forget the Italian habit throttled, and flowers and plants for her spirits began to grow in Grasse.

For skin care, according to historians, she used the strangest components that endow its advisers almost mystical power of action. Tincture of animal urine, the mask of fresh meat - fantasy pharmacists that time knew no bounds.

Therefore, the cream of the cream, which she was advised to soften the skin, has been one of the most simple and innocent care products.

More importantly, it was Catherine who became the legislator of the new fashion for France. To begin with, she decided that if her hair is slightly lighter than the hair of some court ladies, then these ladies should do something about it. And the recipe was created: the ladies rubbed their hair with a mixture of lemon juice and herbs, and then "sunbathed" under the scorching sun. After this improvised lightening session, you should destroy the tan with facial masks with the same lemon juice, and a month later - repeat this cycle. In addition, it was Catherine who put an end to the fashion for pallor: at court it became fashionable to dye his cheeks and lips with red blushes, pre-tight, white-hot, powdered face and shoulders.

Madame de Pompadour: egg white, arsenic and pink blush

Caucasian, innocent, with a mischievous gaze wide-eyed - such, according to the portraits, was the mistress of King Louis XV. Her snow-white skin was kind of her signature, historians note that a lady tried not to stay long in the sun and regularly cared for the person using the masks with egg white and vinegar.

Although it is likely, in the course were not such safe means: in those days ladies bleached skin scary cocktail with arsenic and mercury, but miraculously surviving after such a "beauty recipes".

And, of course, with porcelain skin midtone Madame de Pompadour had to invent their own shade of blush. In those days, ladies used mainly red, mixing different shades of color and increasing the brightness almost black pigments. But, in order to emphasize his pale, Madame de Pompadour used special light pink blush to the cheeks and lips. This shade even got an appropriate name in her honor - "Pink Pompadour".

Catherine II: berries, herbs and special treatment

A woman with an iron will, an incredible excitement and passion for life, however, she was able to create the impression of a very soft, feminine and modest person. From his youth full-bodied, Catherine taught myself to always keep your posture - head held high, not only cleaned up the double chin, but also visually leveled the proportions of her body and did a little higher.

Board in Russia has left its mark on the habit - judging from the accounts of historians, Catherine used fresh berries, and herbs teas for skin care and hair, but instead of cream is applied to the skin cream, butter or fat.

But it is much more important to her was the regime: she did not like to go to bed late and wake up always with the dawn. Morning she started with ice water washing, and then hid her cheeks turning pink from the powder of fine flour, and of course, apply blush on top of beet juice, because it was fashionable to reddening and not be rosy.

Elizabeth I: white lead

Queen Elizabeth was able to make the most of their appearance is really high. All her life she tried to conform to its own ideals of beauty. Olive skin color, inherited from her mother, she bleached white lead (Venetian, as they were called in those days).

The person turned out rather grayish color, but the queen thought that it was so pale and noble aristocrats should look like, and amplifies this effect, prorisovyvaya blue veins on his hands.

Scientists believe that this White played tricks on her, causing poisoning and death, although, of course, in our time to understand whether this was in fact, impossible.

Because of oddities, which described her secretary, she deserves attention unless another. Elizabeth was so hypochondriac that all her portraits, which kept the story passed strict selection. Rare artist able to bring their work to the end, if the queen did not like what she saw on the canvas, drawing destroyed. In our reality with Photoshop Elizabeth I would be absolutely happy.

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