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How to save on buying cosmetics: 6 blogger tips

The budget approach to the most costly item in the list of girls' women's shoes was developed by the popular blogger and the presenter of the telegram channel "Beauty for 300" Ekaterina Slyadneva.

All the beetigolics now live in the era of the "Golden Apple" - it's like the era of Aquarius, only with lipsticks in the retrograde: the offer is much higher than the demand, so I would like to buy cosmetics, and do not go broke. With the variety of advertising, the task is complex, but feasible if you approach the matter wisely. On this subject, I have just six lifhaks.

1. Do not ignore the mass market

Just in case, let me remind you: cosmetics, which all day is in contact with the skin (tonalniki-blush-haylaytery, as well as kremiki and general care) should fit perfectly. Therefore, it is better to spend once on a proven remedy than later - on the treatment of acne and dermatitis in the clinic.

But there are trendy things that are updated every month and require a purchase, otherwise you can not see hounds in Instagram: this is, for example, color mascara, glitter, pink eyeliner. Honestly - such fashionable stories live for a couple of months, and during this period you at best just do not have time to spend the bottle, and at worst - use the 2 tool - 3 times and put it on the bottom of the cosmetic bag with the motivation "it does not suit me".

A good way out - mass-market brands such as Art Visage, Essence, Catrice, Vivienne Sabo, Artdeco. They respond quickly to trends and for a small amount offer all the most relevant. For example, Essence now has a huge palette of colored lipsticks in any texture, bright mascara for eyebrows and eyelashes, hailers of varying degrees of radiance - and all within 500 rubles.

2. Attend customer days

Care on cosmetics helps to save. Multi-brand cosmetic shops often spend client days of different brands, when a good discount applies to all products or certain goods. Sometimes it comes to 40 - 50%, which is especially pleasing in the case of perfumery and luxury care. You can track client days on sites and in store applications. Download soon, now is the season.

3. Do not miss the sale and stock

In addition, in beauty shops several times a year, reduce prices for most of the products. For example, the L'Etoile network announces a discount of 40% on most products every six months. Queues in these days are unprecedented, but for the sake of such generosity it is worth an hour or two to suffer. Go best on the first day and right from the morning until the shelves are empty.

Stock alerts also usually come in store applications or via sms. So do not swear when you are asked to leave your e-mail at the checkout: there are diamond messages in the middle of the spam.

4. Do not give up samplers

If you decide to buy something from luxury, skin care or unfamiliar perfumes, know: most shops and pharmacies with such purchases willingly give out miniatures. For example, in Kiehl's, you can safely ask for probes of any necessary means. In Lush, we are ready to introduce samples of fresh face masks, and portions are generous, enough for 2 - 3 times.

In the corners of makeup brands, it is ungrounded to ask for a tonal cream probe, and in MAA you can do a test make-up at all. In network pharmacies, brand consultants will happily provide a stock of Bioderma, Avene, La Roche-Posay probes - at the same time help determine the type and needs of the skin.

Bonus for mini packs double: 1) you will receive the product for free; 2) you will be able to understand whether it suits you without having wasted your money in case of failure.

5. Join groups and chats on the topic of beauty-sale

In social networks Facebook and "Telegram" there are thematic chats, where everyone can buy or sell cosmetics at a reduced price. Offer both packed products, and those that passed 1 - 2 test and did not fit the owner. All that is required of you is to be as prompt as possible, because those who want to buy classy cosmetics are cheaper.

Search need for beauty channels and groups dedicated to reviews of cosmetics and perfumes. One of the examples of the face-to-face group is "Beauty Shopaholiki!"

6. Organize swap parties and make-up exchange in the office

My team is mostly female, and once my colleagues and I just took one nightstand to store unnecessary makeup. We bring from home and put everything that we do not use, did not fit, was donated and forgotten, bought in the period of extreme PMS or in the heat of sales.

The nightstand works fine: before indulging in beauty shopping, we first look into its bowels, and most often the need for purchase disappears. Even there you can find false eyelashes, varnishes of all colors and an army of lip glosses. Before leaving work, many go to the bedside table to refresh the appearance before a meeting or a date. Office everyday life is very invigorating.

If cosmetics has accumulated too much, then on Friday evening you can arrange a swap party: unload all this goods on the table, and let everyone take their own things. Saving? And then!