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Butter oil: 9 the best means for the beauty of skin and hair

Do you like oil for skin and hair as we love this product? If you think that the oil overloading the skin, making it greasy and makes clothes stick, you just are not familiar with these brilliant examples. Our favorites among the best oils of beauty - in the review of ELLE. The most outstanding novelties and bestsellers.

Updating oil

According to statistics, most people are afraid to use oil, believing that they leave a sticky film on the skin. But not all agents are the same - so, multifunction renewing oil La Mer completely destroys the myth.

vuhfaznoe agent, which is contained in the composition of the elixir of Miracle Broth with eucalyptus oil and sesame, marine active ingredients, extract of lime tea and renewing the enzyme, giving the skin glow brilliantly smooths wrinkles and tightens the skin, making it supple and elastic. Unbelievable but true: the oil is suitable for dry skin, and oily - in the latter case, means not only to restore the lipid balance, but also normalizes the production of fat.

Used oil is easy and simple: shake the vial, mixing between two phases - and apply to the skin. La Mer Experts say that oil is universal: it can be applied under the serum on clean skin, add a few drops to your favorite cream, prepared with the help of the skin for make-up, using as a base, and also be used to supply the hair and body.

ELIXIR ULTIME FROM KÉRASTASEMASLO-haze for fine and normal hair
Elixir Ultime by Kérastase

Oily formula should not be afraid - with the approval of the creators of a unique product Kérastase entered the market with this beauty sensation! The new formula is a unique oil-mist is suitable even for fine to normal hair and gives them a greater density without weighing installation.

The tool has a new two-phase texture - before the application only need to shake the bottle and spray the product. The oil can be used both before and after laying, and after the first application you will notice that hair became noticeably more dense. This happens due to the creation of the hair inside the "molecular sieve", increasing the diameter of the hair from the inside. As part - 4 natural ingredients: oil Pracaxi, corn kernels oil, argan oil, camellia oil, which give fine hair softness and shine without weighing it down.

Visionnaire Nuit from Lancôme

Multiactive night gel oil from Lancôme Visionnaire Nuit looks like the classic cream, but with oil microdroplets composed it instantly removes signs of fatigue and intensely nourishes the skin with moisture, leaving it softer, toned and elastic. Innovative gel texture mix and butter melts into the skin, instantly absorbed and gives a feeling of comfort without a hint of tackiness. For 4 weeks of application creators guarantee glow effect, and promised that the facial skin is more toned and youthful.

Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate

The formula, which strengthens the protective function of the skin in the daytime, formed the basis of Kiehl's new miracle product - a light oil for the face, which restores, tones up and fills the skin with energy. Mark Kiehl's, presenting this tool, continued the theme, which brought her a huge success in 2010 - then the nightly restoring concentrate was released, which became an absolute hit of sales. The daily concentrate of the Daily Reviving Concentrate is its continuation: the tool instantly erases from the face signs of fatigue thanks to natural ingredients - essential oil of ginger root, taman oil and sunflower seeds.

Diptyque Satin Oil for Body and Hair

This silky oil for body and hair - a delicate tool for real gourmets. It instantly moisturizes even the driest skin without the effect of sticky film, and a unique aroma with notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang and saffron create a heady cocktail amazing aromatic aftertaste.

St BARTH Sea Breeze

Delicate Delicate means premium brand St Barth, which manufactures its products only from high-quality eco-friendly materials, pleasantly surprise even those who are the enemy of all types of oils. In the oil light texture, it is quickly absorbed, moisturizes the skin while giving it a beautiful matte shine and sensual glow. In its structure - avocado oil high purity, due to which the skin becomes supple and soft. The heady aroma with notes of sugar cane, vanilla and jasmine petals will be the companion of the incredible aroma ritual.

LE LABO ROSE 31 Perfumed OIL
Le Labo Rose 31

Oil alterantiva like perfume - this format will suit the most advanced byutigolikam. The product with the flavor of the iconic Le Labo is made from safflower oil c content of linoleic acid, which gives a unique moisturizing effect - softens skin and hair without weighing it down. The purest eco-friendly product does not contain parabens, fragrance and unique selective in this format is revealed especially beautiful and deep.

Babor Spa cashmere wood

Babor Spa Series The cashmere tree awakens the internal forces and strengthens the immune system due to its unique composition - the stem cell extract of one of the most ancient pear varieties optimizes the protective system of skin cells and rejuvenates it. The cashmere tree is based on the oil cashmere tree, based on almond, crab, Jojoba and argan oils - it is quickly absorbed, makes the skin silky, and also provides a powerful anti-age effect due to the above-mentioned stem cells. The product is also ideal for the care of split hair - it not only moisturizes and nourishes, but also gives them a beautiful flicker.

Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil Blend

This oil is called "precious" due to the unique composition and texture - it is light, delicate, instantly absorbed and unique ingredient in the composition - Japanese camellia - enriches the skin with vegetable collagen. Thus, this means not only moisturize the skin and give a wonderful aroma, but also support its elasticity - is it leading dermatologists recommend the use of pregnant women for the prevention of stretch marks. One of his admirers - Victoria Beckham - admitted that the lack of stretch marks after giving birth 4 children - entirely merit Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil Blend.

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