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We're losing them: what to do if hair fall out

When girls start losing his hair, it's like a nightmare. But there is good news - it's reversible, because men loss mechanism is arranged differently. How can you not only eliminate waste, but also to increase wealth. Below - a plan of action!

If after sleeping on a pillow remain hair - it's not a reason to tear his rest. The fact that the follicle is both active phase (when the hair grows) and rest time, when the place is empty. So the hair will fall inevitably - this is the order. "Norma loss for women - from 0 10-15 to hair when combing," - said Miloslav Black, trichologist clinic Telo's Beauty. But if you (or worse, surrounding) began to notice that much hair thins, it's time to sound the alarm and get busy!

Go to the pharmacy

With minor losses and no serious problems, you can do without syringes and medical devices. Especially since the shelves of pharmacies and perfume shops are simply bursting with special shampoos, masks and solutions. Options weight: some products normalize the scalp and improve blood circulation, others are saturated with vitamins, others - with oxygen, and the fourth even know how to awaken dormant hair follicles. All these products provide a noticeable effect by strengthening the already existing hair and preventing their loss. Plus, they create the most favorable atmosphere on the scalp for nurturing "new generations".

Call Grandma

There are many folk methods to combat hair loss. For example, castor oil or burdock. Rub it into the scalp, put on a plastic cap and wrap a towel. And through 20-30 minutes carefully rinse your hair. If the advice of my grandmother's trunk is not for you, you can refer to the stellar experience. Catherine Zeta-Jones once a week makes a mask of honey and beer (2 tbsp. Spoons of honey on 10 tbsp. Tablespoons beer). She rubs the mixture into the roots before washing the head - it strengthens the hair follicles and stimulates the growth of hair.

Change diet

If hair climb, perhaps the problem in an unbalanced diet and lack of nutrients. Include in your diet of salmon (or any other oily fish), fresh vegetables, nuts, legumes, lean meat and poultry, dairy products, eggs, cereals, and if finances allow, oysters. Will be quite good if with wholesome food you consume vitamins V2, V5, V6, H, C, PP, phosphorus, potassium, iron, selenium, copper, manganese, silicon and zinc. All these are essential for the curls are the Ingredients nutrikosmetiki and dietary supplements for hair. And there they are properly balanced.

Trust the Professionals

And if the hair remains in your hands with whole strands, then the problem is serious and it's time to go to the clinic. "The causes of hair loss can be chronic stress, hereditary predisposition, imbalance of the mineral balance, microcirculation and metabolism, intoxication, gastrointestinal disorders, nutritional problems, endocrine disorders, environmental effects, headaches, sudden set or weight loss, wrong the chosen hygiene means in the end, - says Oksana Selyutina, trichologist at the Telo's Beauty clinic. - Having conducted an examination and a serious questionnaire (about parents, your preferences in food and even medicines that took six months ago), the doctor is likely to assign you additional research and only then choose a program of treatment and care. Hardware methods return hair every year more and more. The most progressive for today - mesotherapy, cryotherapy, darsonvalization (treatment with high-frequency current), ultrasound and plasma therapy. Recently they have learned to transplant individual bulbs, rather than strands of hair. The process is painstaking and lengthy, but your hairstyle will look much more natural. "

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