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No, it is not so! Common myths about beauty injections and facelift

Cosmetology and plastic surgery today has made a breakthrough in the rejuvenation. They help to cope with age-related changes and change the shortcomings in the virtues. The most popular and controversial treatments are mezoniti and "beauty injections". In the hands of experienced cosmetologist you will become a young nymph and prolong the freshness of the face. However, the beauty treatments were overgrown with myths, which often become a stumbling block on the way to the beauty of the ladies. However, many of them are just nonsense! Read the material and in a hurry to become younger and fresher!

Myth number 1: After correction preparations based on hyaluronic acid there is a withdrawal effect when their action will take place, the skin is wrinkled and everything will only get worse

No, it is not. On the other hand, hyaluronic acid, dissolving, for a long time provides a deep moisturizing effect, runs the processes of production of healthy skin cells of its own collagen, visibly improves skin turgor. And most importantly, it is an effective method for long-term prevention of aging.

Myth number 2: When Botox "let go", eyebrows and eyelids fall will fall

No, it is not. Injection of botulinum toxin can temporarily immobilize the individual muscles, give them a good rest. Within six months after the injection, the mobility gradually restored and everything just back to square one. Plus the fact that during the "holidays" weakens muscle memory - a habit ridiculous wrinkle your nose or eyebrow dramatically toss it can take forever, or be brought under control. And in six months spent alone, time to smooth out wrinkles.

If there is an unnatural position of the eyebrows, drooping corners of his eyes - it occurs in the first days after the injection. This is a consequence of improper administration of the drug. The situation can try to fix it, "until" botulinum toxin. That is why the doctor is obliged to appoint examination two weeks after administration of the drug. Needless to add, what to do all the procedures is only in the clinic, in the reputation that you believe and which takes full responsibility for its staff.

Myth number 3: Mezoniti - a full-fledged alternative to a circular facelift

No, it's not. Mesonity is not an alternative to surgery, but they work well with initial age changes. With their help (with reasonable use, see myth number 4), you can improve the chin line, adjust the middle third of the face, restore the young outline of the cheeks. It is enough from two to six (one to three for each problem zone) threads with incisions, which allow you to pull the fabric in the desired direction and put it all in place. Especially effective if they are injected into the subcutaneous fat tissue. Around each filament, until it dissolves, little fibrosis is formed. He, as a delicate frame, helps for many years to "save face" despite the obsessive action of gravity.

Myth number 4: mezonitey The more - the better

No, it's not. If a person is stitched or "reinforced" with dozens of mezzanites - it's just dangerous. Especially if they are injected deeply. Around each filament is formed fibrosis, which makes the fabric very dense and heavy. Usually for "reinforcement" use "linear" threads without incisions. Of course, in the first time after the rehabilitation period, the face will look smooth, strained. But when, under the influence of inexorable gravity, all this weight begins to fall quickly enough, only a plastic surgeon can help. And not all plastics are going to work with "tattooed" faces.

Myth number 5: It is better to do everything at once: fillers in the cheekbones, Botox in the forehead, lips pumped up, eyes slightly open. Over time otmuchilas - beauty for years to come

No, it's not. An experienced doctor will never begin to do all sorts of manipulations in the "one stop" approach. Not only is this a great stress for the body, but every drug should properly "take its place", start to work fully. Even with an ideal introduction after a while, you may need a correction. And with a "complex attack," there is a high probability that the process will get out of hand. As for dental implants - until they finally took root, any modeling manipulations are generally contraindicated. Perhaps the appearance of asymmetry, which will be very difficult to eliminate in the future. Therefore, it is best to "stretch the pleasure" of the transformation for the period that the specialist will recommend. On average, it takes at least one and a half to two months.

Myth number 6: If you start to make serious cosmetic procedures, then you will have to do their whole life

No, it is not. Cosmetic techniques can prolong youth, to improve facial features, restore health to skin and hair. What was done for the sake of beauty, will only benefit. Of course, if completely abandon the care and cosmetic procedures, over the years, the aging process will gradually its natural course. With the caveat that the youth a few years from a ruthless time you have already won.