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Plastic surgeons have called the owner of the most beautiful faces

Face wife of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp Amber Heard recognized as the most beautiful in the world. To such conclusion employees of the center plastic surgery in London, measuring the proportion of the actress with the help of a special computer program.

As it turned out, a person 30-year Hurd over other relevant rule of the golden section - produced by the ancient Greeks to the formula that determines the canons of beauty in architecture, nature and human structure.

It is believed that the larger distance corresponds to the face proportion 62% to 38%, even more attractive man. Surgeons have developed a computer program, which is calculated using the ratio of the patient's facial proportions, in order to determine how to make it more attractive. They decided to test the program in the most beautiful celebrities using their photos.

During testing it was found that the proportion of Amber Heard on 91,85% correspond to the rule of the golden section. In second place ranking of ideal individuals - Kim Kardashian (91,39%). Three leaders closes British model Kate Moss (91,06%).

The ten celebrities with perfect facial features also includes Emily Ratajkowski, Kendel Jenner Helen Mirror, Scarlett Johansson, Selena Gomez, Marilyn Monroe and Jennifer Lawrence, writes Daily Mail.

With this program, clinic staff also created a portrait of the ideal person 100-%. In such a woman must be a form of Rihanna's face, forehead Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian eyebrows, eyes, Scarlett Johansson, Amber Heard nose and lips Emily Ratajkowski.

The list did not include the London surgeons American actress Jennifer Aniston, People magazine recognized the most beautiful woman in the world 2016 years. Beauty - is the inner confidence, kindness and honesty, as well as a well-lived life, said 47-year-old star about it.

Studies show that men are most attracted to women with simple features and symmetrical proportions.