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Procedures that can and can not do with the advent of heat

Myths and truth about the seasonal procedures

In the salons and clinics in preparation for the beach season is in full swing. However, not all ways to become more beautiful it is recommended to do in the period of solar activity. ELLE found out what the procedure is now written, and which to postpone until the autumn.


Laser Hair Removal

It's clear that in the summer - hair removal - is one of the most popular in the salons, and we need procedures. However, on hair removal by laser is better to take care in advance. It is contra-tanned skin. Plus, two weeks after the procedure can not sunbathe.

Laser resurfacing

Another procedure using a laser (any of three types: karbondioksidnogo, erbium and low intensity), which should not be added to the list of summer Masthev. Get rid of wrinkles and visible scars, of course, it is tempting. But the manipulation of edema can hold up to three weeks. In addition, to hide from the sun will have at least three months, even if under a thick layer of sunscreen. And, of course, no beach.

The middle and deep peelings

Salon peels (especially middle and deep), in which the concentration of active ingredients in the above times, you need to proceed with caution. Thus, the chemical exfoliants on the basis of retinoic, glycolic or salicylic acids are photosensitive and provoke hyperpigmentation. The same applies to the microdermabrasion (skin resurfacing crystals of aluminum oxide). It is better to do them for a week or two to constant exposure to the sun or to wait until the cloudy autumn.

Removal of papillomas

Doctors recommend to remove papillomas, birthmarks and blemishes that are on the exposed skin. But this should be done in advance. After the procedure you need three months to avoid sunlight and sessions in the solarium. And all this time, do not forget about sanskrin.

Treatment of pigmentation

There are several different ways to skin lightening. These include cryotherapy, phototherapy same peels. Since all of them categorically not compatible with the sun and, if not expert recommendations only aggravate pigmentation, is recorded to the beautician is best from October to February.


The ban on the sun in the case of biorevitalization operates only a few days. Use cream with a high SPF necessarily as hyaluronic acid has the ability to break down under the influence of ultraviolet light. And heat can cause swelling in the injection site, so during the hottest time of day is best to hide in the cool air conditioning. All this is possible only after complete healing of papules and redness.


To get rid of fat on the body in the summer is not desirable for several reasons. Firstly, after the procedure are bruising, who did not hide on the beach and by the pool. Secondly, some time will have to wear a compression garment, and in it hot.


Superficial peels

In summer you can do ultrasonic peeling and surface acid (a fruit acid, for example), and the home - even necessary. Firstly, they do not allow perspiration and sebum clog pores. Secondly, because the tan will form better and last longer. However, in both cases, be sure to use a sunscreen with an SPF level of not less than 30.

Botox injections

Do Botox in the period of solar activity, or before holiday is recommended. The fact that such injections smooth the forehead, and hence the tan lie smoothly, without a white stripe in the folds. In addition, in the heat only botulinum toxin injections to help cope with excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).

Laser removal of rosacea

The new generation of lasers makes it possible to not wait for the winter to get rid of rosacea, even on the face. The main thing - to use a cream with an SPF of not less than 50. The only exceptions are patients with a first phototype: blue eyes, blond hair and milky-pale skin, often with freckles. But covered with tan skin, is not a contraindication.