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Sexy and harmless: designed bikini, filtering harmful substances from the water

US engineers have developed an analog of air cleaning clothes - bikini bra, which is able to filter out the harmful substances from the water around the bathers. According to the publication of the invention Gizmag.

Swimsuit developed by the American electrical engineer and Cengiz Ozkan Myhr (Mihri and Cengiz Ozkan), in cooperation with the design company Eray Carbajo.

The base layer consists of a bra printed on the printer 3D-elastic mesh material, follow the contours of the body. In this structure sewn opaque elements made of a material named Sponge.

Receives it from the heated sucrose as a material that gives a high hydrophobicity (it does not absorb water) and ability to absorb health hazard contaminants. Sponge may absorb impurities, 25 times its weight, while remaining dry.

Absorbed carcinogens stored in the pores within the material - and therefore not in contact with the skin of bathers. Remove these substances can only be heated up to a thousand Sponge degrees Celsius (this procedure can be done just about 20, after which cleaning bikini begins to lose its absorptive capacity).

Initially, the material has been developed for the purification of the sea from oil spills and water desalination. Now the creators of the Sponge-bikinis are planning to produce similar panties, shorts and wetsuits.