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Seven things that should be in the female beautician

In order to have a good and even chic look, you need quite a bit.

We offer you 7 things that should be in your cosmetic bag that you always looked decent.

Bright lipstick

Bright red, pink or orange lipstick can instantly spice up your image. Just take care of your skin, that it was perfectly smooth and had a steady tone (at least with the help of concealer or a tone, and maybe both), otherwise saturated color lipstick emphasize all skin problems!

Black eyeliner or liner

Like the little black dress, black eyeliner or liner can work wonders. It can also be useful in everyday life, emphasizing your eyes and look, and, at the same time not to overplay with makeup.

Pallet eyeshadow

Skillfully shaded eyes can completely change your face. For daytime makeup choose matte colors of the earth, and for evenings and parties, and social events - color gemstones. For example, sapphire, gold, bronze or turquoise.

Reflecting concealer

If nature has not endowed you with flawless skin, the concealer - should be one of your main toolkits. It is designed not only to mask all skin defects, but also to "paint" the face. For light skin tone, choose a concealer with a touch of pearl and olive-colored skin and darker skin - peach shade.


To get glowing, as after a holiday look, you need a bronzer. Simply apply a thin film on the perimeter face, highlighting the cheekbones and forehead and chin and nose.


In order to get a long and voluminous, but not matted eyelashes, then looked down and paint mascara on top lashes upper side. And it is a little walk around the lower lashes!


When buying makeup base, you care about the perfect application on your face foundation, powders and any other cosmetic coating. In addition, the base will prevent undesirable shine face, and not to spoil the day will make the evening.

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