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It is no longer fashionable: 10 things in make-up, which urgently needs to forget

Declare top ten long been out of fashion types of make-up and offer a modern alternative.

1. Dark brown lipstick

Model Kylie Jenner, singer Britney Spears and Rihanna.

Those whose youth coincided with the start of Britney Spears' career in the early 2000-x, of course, difficult to give up the actual time of lipstick colors "terracotta" and "chocolate". But it is necessary: ​​brown lipstick makes way aggressive and more suitable heroines gothic thriller.

Alternative: Soft shades of caramel, coffee with milk and Taupo - are now popular delicate gray-brown tone.

2. Contrast lip contour

The star of "Baywatch" series Pamela Anderson.

Lips, bold circled in pencil a few shades darker than the lipstick, you can not forgive even the ancestors of the trend - star of TV series "Baywatch" Pamela Anderson. It looks a makeup vulgar, and visually enlarge the lips may be less provocative way (by the way, in the case of Pamela is the injection of hyaluronic acid).

Alternative: If you can not do without the pencil, choose the tone as close to the color of lipstick. Thoroughly blend.

3. Mother of Pearl on the lips and eyes

Elizabeth Hurley Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez.

The well-known love of Jennifer Lopez to the pearly lipstick and shadows - not a reason to take a sample of the singer. These heavy texture emphasize tiny wrinkles, hide in the folds on the lips and in the crease. Yes, and look like a greeting from distant 80-x.

Alternative: Much more elegant and natural than a heavy pearl without a hint of color shades, texture look with sparkling microparticles.

4. A thick layer of tonalnika

Singer Katy Perry.

Even if you have a skin full disorder (pimples, acne marks, dark spots) - that is no reason to imitate the habit of singer Katy Perry to use concealer like putty for imperfections. Tonalnika only emphasize the problems, among other things, must be fought with the help of a dermatologist.

Alternative: Now produce a lot of tonal cream with a light texture that blends with the skin. They and choose.

5. Bronze face

Singer Christina Aguilera and Kelly Osbourne, actress Lindsay Lohan.

Healthy tan complexion and subsidiaries - many years are not synonymous. And make up the face of Representatives under the savage tribes of the jungle - a sign of the lack of a sense of proportion.

Alternative: For a golden tan effect, apply a little bronze powder on the cheekbones, forehead, nose, chin and blend well. And if you are wearing revealing clothing - to the clavicle.

6. Too light powder

Actress Nicole Kidman and singer Miley Cyrus.

Yes, aristocratic paleness is now in vogue, but no need to extremes. Monochrome white tone is good for traditional Japanese geisha make-up, and for everyone else - too much. The face will look flat and unnatural.

Alternative: Transparent powder with shiny particles provide natural smooth complexion and give it a nice relief.

7. Gray smoky eyes

Actresses Sharon Stone and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sarah Jessica Parker wears gray smoky eyes since the end of filming "Sex and the City." But true fans of the series that make up until now - and for good reason. Over the past since 12 years, much has changed.

Alternative: Ironic, but true - makeup "smoky eye" is now relevant shade all shades of gray in addition. And softer contours.

8. Eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelid

Actress Anne Hathaway and Drew Barrymore, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

Look at the photos and make sure: black eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelid does look sharp and unfriendly, and at the same time adds years. You do not want to look older than their age?

Alternative: Just take the upper eyelid, and even better - just to work out a pencil mezhresnichnoe space.

9. Obviously false eyelashes

Singer Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga - an absolute trendsetter. But lashes are all kind shouting: "I just did build!" - For five years as a mauvais ton. In fashion naturalness.

Alternative: The problem is not enough thick and short lashes mascara to solve a universal extension options, volume, separation and twisting.

10. Eyebrows house

Actress Olivia Wilde and Megan Fox.

It does not matter, you have thin eyebrows from nature or broad, but they should look natural: with a soft-edged, without kinks that still love the actress Olivia Wilde and Megan Fox. No drama, all soft and subtle.

Alternative: Grow eyebrows and make correction under the new rules.

Marina Syutaeva
Lady Mail.Ru