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Mirror of the Soul: Skin Care Age

Figure out how to cope with major challenges: edema, "bruises" and wrinkles on the skin around the eyes!

Problem: edema

Morning "bags" under the eyes most often appear, if you drink too much liquids at night, use too much cream for the eyelids, or be late with evening skin care, applied the cream immediately before going to bed. It is also worth checking the composition of cosmetics: laxity can provoke lanolin, as well as petroleum jelly, mineral oil and similar synthetic components leaving an air-tight film on the skin. Sometimes swelling may appear after injections of botox or hyaluronic acid (the latter, as is known, perfectly attracts water). If the "bags" have appeared unexpectedly, it is worth checking the health: swelling can talk about violations in the cardiovascular, endocrine system or kidney problems.

How to get rid of puffiness under the eyes? Use Eye Cream, containing lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation, lifting components, primarily escin, caffeine, tea extracts, Horsetail, butcher, horse chestnut. To combat the swelling is particularly well suited to the means of a roll, providing good lymphatic drainage massage and skin cooling slightly. Quick effect give gel flash masks before using refrigerated and applied to the eyes a few minutes.

Worth a try: mask with flower extracts to the skin around the eyes and lips Hydra Floral, Decleor, roller cooling effect to the skin around the eyes BB Sream "The Secret of Excellence», Garnier.

Most importantly: the eye cream should be applied in small amounts, with light patting movements along the ossicle bone, along the lymph flow: along the lower eyelid - from the outer corner to the inner corner, and along the upper one - from the inner corner to the outer corner. And in the evening the cream should be applied for 40-60 minutes before sleep and not later than before 22.00: the skin has its own biorhythms, so that the cosmetic products give the maximum effect, do not cause irritation and edema, these biorhythms should be followed. If the "edema" is permanent - most likely, it's fatty hernia, which usually appears after 40 years. But in some cases, due to the peculiarities of the structure of subcutaneous fat, they can appear in 25 years. They can be slightly reduced with the help of lifting creams, lymphatic drainage massage or microcurrents. However, completely free of such "bags" under the eyes can only blepharoplasty.
Problem: "bruises"

Blue under the eyes can be hereditary (eg, if you are located close to blood vessels or thin skin, through which shines good eye muscle). The second reason, often adjacent to the first - the wrong lifestyle. If little sleep, smoking, very nervous, tired and rarely go outdoors, the problem becomes a black eye expressions. As is the case with the swelling does not interfere in any case undergo medical examinations: severe bruises sometimes "whistleblowers" in the intestines, liver, kidneys and heart.

How to get rid of bruises under the eyes? A good effect is provided with creams with vitamins C and K: the first improves blood circulation and slightly whitens the skin, while the second strengthens the vessels and reduces the amount of oxidized hemoglobin that shines through the skin. Also look for extracts of ginkgo biloba, horse chestnut, arnica, hammamelis, nettle in the skin care products: they have a good vasoconstrictive effect. For additional masking of dark circles under the eyes, a cream with a tinting effect, a concealer of a yellowish hue (with blue circles) or a peach (with purple and brownish) should be used.

Worth a try: toning cream-gel for the skin around the eyes, "Vitamin C», The Body Shop, mineral concealer to camouflage dark circles under the eyes Circle / Delete Concealer Jane Iredale.

Problem: wrinkles

On the delicate skin and fine wrinkles around the eyes appear most likely, they can be found at home and in 20 years! But do not blame only age: crow's feet and other facial wrinkles in this area may result from the fact that a lot of you are sunbathing, or often schurites testify that the skin lacks moisture.

How to get rid of wrinkles near the eyes? If they are caused by skin dehydration, drink more water and use gels and creams for age with active moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract, collagen) .Also once or twice during the day, you can apply a light moisturizing gel: fine lines that appear from dehydration skin or just fatigue, will seem less noticeable. Creams with muscle relaxant peptides (Argireline, Matrixil, etc.) that act similar to Botox and relax the strained muscles of the face will help to cope with the consequences of too active mimicry. To combat age-related wrinkles and their prevention after 27-30 years, it is good to use 3-4-weekly course lifting creams and masks.

Worth a try: cream with retinol for wrinkles correction Liftactiv Retinol HA, Vichy, pencil-corrector wrinkles with hyaluronic acid Hyalurides Expert, Dr. Pierre Ricaud.

Anti-aging eye cream contains ingredients that accelerate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, as well as restoration of skin cells: vitamin A and its derivatives, alpha-lipoic acid, plant polysaccharides, vitamin V1 etc. If for fighting wrinkles in the eye area one Only creams is not enough help botulinum toxin injections, hyaluronic acid, microcurrent therapy.

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