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7 bad habits we inculcate in our children

We do not notice how his actions often teach children that verbally condemn. What are the "bad manners" often adopt our children?

Remember how often we inspire your child that it is necessary to cross the street only at a green light, and between ourselves, grabbed the kid by the hand, and then ran a red. "The policy of double standards" in relation to their children parents seems so natural that we rarely give ourselves to her report. We readily admit "harmless" little things that supposedly do not understand our children, and then indignant: "Well, in this one he grew up!"

Here are seven of the most obscure and (long-term) of dangerous behavior, which most of us makes every day with the children, without even noticing it. Look to yourself and try not to repeat them in the presence of a child, if you do not want to one day he did the same towards you.

Spoke disrespectfully about the authority of the Child

It makes no sense to require the baby self-respect, if you are reproached him his grandmother or his father. As it is impossible to get the student to do it properly learned, if not often heard from parents that his Maryvanna - silly hysterical. Children, of course, need to understand that no one is immune from mistakes, including adults. But if you so desire to express their opinion about the teacher who does not behave correctly, in any case, do not do it in the presence of a child. And if you do, in a very calm and respectful manner.

Using other people's mistakes

Decent people like you and me will not steal (especially in front of the children), but often does not deem it shameful to take advantage of someone else's carelessness, for example, to pick up too much of the change in the store or to pay for a purchase, the cashier accidentally missed. That's only if you want your child to grow an honest man, behave accordingly. Maybe the kid is and does not understand the essence of your action, but always feel that you have done something wrong.

Lying at the child

You can not tell the truth - better not say anything. When a child sees that parents' words at odds with reality, it teaches him of duplicity and cunning.

Violate the rules

For example, more than speed and cross the double solid or cross the road at a red light (under the pretext that there is no machinery). "If you can not, but really want, you can" - this principle, which is so often used by adults, one child will discover without your help. If you demonstrate it for yourself, it will only lead to the fact that a son or daughter will be ignored and your requirements, too.

Bad language

Of course, none of you reading this article will not be swearing at the child. However, in everyday speech, and adults without a lot of words that are not intended for children's hearing (from slang to literature quite rude). Do not want one day to hear all this set on your child - do not express themselves well.

Scorn the weak and the less successful

Poverty, disease, old age - this, alas, no one is immune. Life is changeable and not always subservient to us. So to teach the child to be tolerant and compassionate toward those who are in a difficult life situation, it is necessary at least for selfish reasons.

Angry because of the defeat

A good half of the complexes and fears plaguing adults, formed due to the fact that a child's parents have taught us not to lose. As a result, we live eternally afraid of "losing face", "left without a penny" to pass those on whom "wipe legs" and so on. Meanwhile, avoid these complexes could be, we learn to accept failure as a temporary phenomenon, which can be an incentive for more hard work and new achievements. Let's try to learn it with the children.

Perfect parents do not exist, and all of us from time to time commit what then ashamed. But that parenthood is not turned into a defeat, we should be a model for our children. Or at least try to be. At least when they are looking at us.

Anna Borisova
Children Mail.Ru