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What to put under the Christmas tree: Christmas gifts for parents, husband and friends

Still have not figured out what to please their loved ones on New Year's Eve? Do not worry! We have compiled a guide to festive gifts that will please your dear people all year round.


Our parents, like anyone else, deserve the best gifts in the New Year: interesting, beautiful and unusual. Dad certainly appreciate the beautiful glasses or stylish woolen hat, and her mother enjoy the unusual bag and beautiful decorations (by the way, not necessarily jewelery). Another option - a fitness bracelets that exactly inspire families to begin to engage in sports.


Finding a good gift for a lover, a close friend of Pope, or his brother - a real nightmare. When year after year loved one gets about the same set consisting of a tie, alcohol and perfume, there is a desire to make a really cool gift and go beyond.

Option a good New Year's surprises that many neglect - watch. Classical model on leather or metal strap - getting into the top ten. Steel studs unusually shaped like a man who cares about his appearance. Warm sweater with a funny inscription or design altogether kills two birds with one stone: this present season, because during the cold season sweaters are needed by all, and the cold season in our country lasts from September to April. You will remember a kind word often quiet.


Close friend - the lesser of all evils holidays. Books, perfume, cosmetics, jewelry and cute accessories - the choice is so great, that really there are no problems should arise. The main thing - take care of everything in advance to avoid pre-holiday bustle in the stores. Stylish earrings with pearls, pendant in the form of the famous sculpture by Jeff Koons, shiny handbag or a beautiful case for your gadget will delight anyone.

the younger generation

The younger sister, who had already begun secretly to "borrow" from the cabinet of your dress and shoes, and the niece of her husband will be delighted by these girlish lovely, but quite serious subjects. Pendant in the form of bunnies in a smart dress, clutch with embroidery or eyed for phone case by Chiara Ferrand definitely better giant teddy bears.

Those who have everything

Such a "happy" man is in everyone's life. On the one hand, for it can only be happy, but on the other - each coming feast becomes a serious problem. Well, what can surprise and pleasure to please the person who has everything he likes. In such situations, it may fetch a gift made with their own hands. If you do not have the time or talent, you can contact a specialized shop. For example, the St. Petersburg brand Sheep on the Ship will connect the sweater according to your design. Please be assured that you will not caught in deception.

You can try to bring on an attack of nostalgia: sneakers "Two Ball" reborn this year - a great tool for this purpose. After all, everyone's nice to remember their youth. Another win-win situation - gift cards. Tailor Craft special New Year offers a gift certificate for sewing men's shirts, neckties, shoes or a suit. Unusual jewelery - also a great gift idea. Rings, never too much never pendants and bracelets.

With the symbol of the year

Gifts with a symbol of the coming year - is, of course, that another story. Plaster roosters, horses and plush dragons - a terrible souvenir that is at best hiding in the enclosure depth, or sent to the trash immediately after the holiday. If you so want to give your family the Fire Rooster, let the "shelf life" of the object is not limited to the festive week. We offer a look at the beautiful silk scarf with a colorful pattern, elegant earrings that can be worn all year round and an amusing svitshotu with embroidery.

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